Couchtuner Game of Thrones S5E4 The Sons of the Harpy

Posted By CouchTuner On April 12, 2015






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  • Tyler Davies

    Well, lets hope more gets leaked and not have to wait 4 weeks for a new episodes

  • Hans Gruber

    Wow. Both Obi Wan and the Worm.

  • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Anyone else who read the books want to talk about this season so far? :(

    • MidnightHorrors

      I honestly didn’t think they would throw the books out the window this early. I was like WTF is going on the whole time watching episode 3.

      • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Right? There’s still so much of the books they’ve left out! And differing from the books is one things, but some of these characters are literally going in OPPOSITE directions then they should.

        • Ryder

          I think it’s because GRRM is writing at such a slow pace that if they kept the series going exactly as the plot does in the books, they’d run out of material before Winds of Winter is finished. They’re changing stuff up and going in different directions so they can make more seasons out of the plots from the books we have because who knows how long it’ll take GRRM to finish WOW…honestly, he’s likely to die before it gets finished at the pace he’s writing.

          • HVHVHVHVH

            By the looks of him, he could die at any moment.

          • Nevieth

            Well he is the writer of Game of Thrones after all… he’s infamous for killing off important people.

          • Eric The Bread

            He’s given them outlines of the rest of the series’ plot, so it wouldn’t be then end of the show, but let’s hope he finishes the books and lives a good long happy life.

        • Chris Steady Stead

          Maybe there will be a different ending to the show than the books there better be coz for me they should of followed the books

    • Hans Gruber

      Either my memory is going or >40% changes from the books.

      • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Where’s lady Stoneheart, and did they actually just kill Manc??? He still has cool stuff to do! I wanted to see him start taking over Winterfell!

    • sasdfsdfwe

      the show is so far of the books it is no use anyway ….

  • Her Majesty the Hermaphrodite

    Anyone know about episode 5 and 6? They are supposed to be out there as well, but so far have not surfaced on these types of sites. May be just a rumor though.

    • MidnightHorrors

      Only episodes 1-4 have been confirmed we will have to wait another day or two to see if they pop up anywhere.

      • Her Majesty the Hermaphrodite

        Well, shit. I guess I may be waiting up to another 4 weeks before getting to watch another new episode. It was completely worth it watching them earlier though.

        • sasdfsdfwe

          this argumentation path …. you are lucky not all 10 episodes did leak or you would have to w8 for 1 year dude.

          • HVHVHVHVH

            Yeah, it would be worth it though.

  • Rielar

    i hope more gets leaked there goes 1 month of game of throne

    • KillerHurtz

      Imagine if all but the last one was leaked. Or don’t actually. The pain is too horrible.

      • BIG PAPI

        I would rewatch in HD

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      imagine waiting over 5 years for the book.

  • Lynn Ivins

    The ending was horrible! :(

  • No Game No Life

    yup game of thrones still gives me a boner.

    • BIG PAPI

      The gay scenes?

  • Brad Johnston

    Sir Barristan the badass.

  • Mike Hammer

    All the women in this show have GR8 tits

  • sasdfsdfwe

    why don t they make hands to swoap for jamie. just one with a long blade instat of fingers and he would be almost as good as before ….. ofc he would need preparation which would be bad but he shoudn t be worse then with the left hand :-)