Game of Thrones S5E10 Mother’s Mercy

Posted By CouchTuner On June 15, 2015






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  • sasdfsdfwe

    gogogo … lets watch

  • Hans Gruber

    Varys and Grey Worm should compare ball-sack size…. oh, wait!

    • The Cable Guy

      maybe they could jack each other off..oh wait!

    • WhateverMan

      Throw in Theon (“Reek”) Greyjoy for the hat trick.

  • just saying

    i have a feeling he will be reborn as azor ahai

    • sasdfsdfwe

      well the show ending looks more like a death then in the books …. milisandra is back in town though….

  • Aaron Frawley

    For the watch? more like for yourselves…..

    • sasdfsdfwe

      i love how he stands there and looks like …. an other wanna try ?? i still stand her you little shits

      • Aaron Frawley

        Although it makes sense that they would strike then if at all, cos of stanis being defeated, wildlings passed through and such . I just hope they didnt kill his dire wolf Q.Q

        • sasdfsdfwe

          the thing is than the prohecy fits to him way more now. he get reanimated …. tears, torches, his blood fits …… only the red comet and sword is kind of off now (if you count the 7 sure and 2 or more additional sign + only death pays for life with shareen burn was actually usefull afterall).

  • Abraxas

    Man, that was a helluva performance from Lena Headey and that walk of shame, she earned her paycheck there. Give Cersei credit, she still looks pretty damn hot even after going through the wringer. Wasn’t crazy about this episode though, wasn’t GoT’s best season imo

    • WhateverMan

      Psst? It wasn’t her. It was her face (crappily) CGI’d onto a body double.

      • Abraxas

        Eh. To be completely honest I wasn’t paying that much attention to her face, lol.

    • Sweetpotato26

      I agree with whataman. It isnt her body i guess. Exposing her body that long with a hundreds of people would took a lot of courage and dollars for her to do it. Hehehehe

      • Abraxas

        I just figured she was method to the max, haha

    • raneanubis

      Yeah I thought so too until I read that it was green screened/ they used a body double

  • Anna Bertrand


  • max steel

    That body is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Sweetpotato26

    All starks were killed one by one… Maybe arya or sansa will be left to continue the revenge…. Haist, will wait for another yr to see how the story goes…. Too long!

    • Eric The Bread

      My impression was Sansa and Theon jumped to their deaths to avoid torture. Can’t imagine anyone surviving that fall…

      • Caz

        what happened to bran, rickon?? arya and sansa arent the only starks left!

        Last thing i remember bran had found the Tree People or whatever they’re called and Osha and Rickon had run off, in hiding….

        • Justin Cronkright

          The producers are leaving immense parts of the books out… there is nothing you can do other than read these books or perhaps listen to people who have read them discuss the other peripheral (to the show) stories.

          • Caz

            ive just started reading the books :)

  • Nana

    Why Jon? I’m so upset about this, just watched with my mouth open. Like what? So I wish they would have explained who the men surrounding Daenerys were… Didn’t like this finale that much :/

    • Eric The Bread

      I kinda liked that part, at least. We don’t know if they are deadly enemies or friendly allies and rescuers. Great cliffhanger!

    • Doug

      They are most likely dothraki with the hair and horses

  • Tess

    Well that was pretty disappointing.

  • flymolo

    hahahahahaha this show

  • Nara Monty

    they cant just getting rid of eveyone.. the day they killed ned stark was the end of it!

  • Eric The Bread

    Well…that was…intense.

  • Caz

    Jon snow is dead?!?!?!
    stop killing majority of my fave characters!! bloody hell!!

    • Doug

      Thanks alot you cunt. I seen your message before I watched that!!!

      • Caz

        no need to call me a cunt….just dont read the comments before you watch the ep

  • Kyfizzle

    well that escalated quickly

  • Joe Gee

    that freakin’ watch is kinda expensive to end Jon Snow! damn!

  • Jessica Dahl

    TOO MUCH !!!!!!!!

  • Lynn Ivins

    Dear god!