Game of Thrones S05E08 Hardhome

Posted By CouchTuner On June 1, 2015






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  • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    New episode up for hours and no one has commented yet? Well now I feel special :D

  • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I felt like there were a lot of Lord of the Rings ripoffs in this episode… The girls get sent away by their mother, “i’m right behind you”
    Then the whole barring the gate and shooting arrows through the cracks…
    Since they have deviated from the source material I feel the creativity has diminished.

    • sasdfsdfwe

      there are only so many things you can do fighting to hold a wall and escaping on the other side. Maybe it is similar but what else shoud they do there^^ build an other wall behind it would be a new way to fight back :-)

      • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        What about people standing on top of the wall and shooting down? You saw a few standing up there before the battle, but none during the actual fight. Walls are not designed to be shot through.
        It didn’t happen in the books, so it makes me more inclined to believe the writers of the show are ripping off other fantasy ideas because they can’t come up with original ones…

    • River

      So, should the mother have told them to stay right there, she’d be back? Or, maybe she just tucks tail and escapes with her girls? She didn’t seem the type to tuck tail and run, so…? What other option would you propose?

      I think it has nothing to do with LOTR, but more to do with where Tolkien got his idea from, birds. They take on the danger and lead it away from their babes. Tolkien and GOT are not the first to do this in a movie/show and they won’t be the last.

  • darren

    F*** me it getting intense out their winter is definitely coming

  • Peanut the Sheerio

    I thought seeing Cersei treated with her own med was the best part of the episode; however, the last part was more epic. It has me like OH S*** EVERY HOUSE BETTER GET THEIR S*** TOGETHER.

    • Hans Gruber

      I hate the Faith more than I hate Cersei.

      I’m hoping for some cold savage revenge on those self-righteous bozos.

      • The Mynxie One

        They remind me of Christians and Muslims. It shames me to say I use to be a Christian for about 30 years of my life. I grew a brain and saw the brainwashing for what it was and left “The Faith”. Not saying I am Atheist, I am Pagan. But I would like to see them get whats coming and wipe them of the face of the Earth as well as the assholes in the show.

        • IamhotUArnot

          Because pagans are so much better? Seems to me that the Romans, Greek, Persians, Chinese, Japanese, Aztecs, Incas etc. etc etc. managed to be just as violent and repressive as any relgion.

          The only religions that have successfully resisted being coopted and misused for the most part are Buddhism and Shintoism. That is because htey are lateral religions and not vertically organized.

          • The Mynxie One

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but Buddhism and Shintoism fall under the umbrella of Paganism. Pagans are free to believe any thing they wish and do not push those beliefs on others. Pagans are generally peaceful. Learn what they are before you link them to those you call violent and repressive.

          • IamhotUArnot

            And those Quakers are just known for their violent conquests….oh wait. So you claim that all Christians act alike but then you claim that not all Pagans act alike. What kind of 2nd grader logic is that. HAHAHAHA!

          • Q7

            False… Look up the all wars fought in Asia over religious differences. Millions of people have died in the name of Buddhism.

          • IamhotUArnot

            I ssume you were responding to Myxie. If not while their have been wars involving Bhuddists there has never been an organized and sustained campaign like other religions. Buddhism is far to decentralized and organic and it is not heirarchical like other religions.

      • IamhotUArnot

        You reap what you so. She tried to use religion as a weapon and it backfired on her. She gets what she deserves. Cersei is playing out like Robespierr where she instigated a revolution and hopefully it will end up with her execution just as with him.

  • Caz


  • sasdfsdfwe

    they have boats …. why the fuck would they go to the wall and stop to go on the wrong side to the tunnel ???? Just go 50m further and you are behind the wall rofl without any orderns needed. YOU know nothing jon snow ….. big mistake

  • The Cable Guy

    great transition from the book.. this story is officially better

  • jay2008

    winter is finally here , ohhh john snow now you know something ,

  • Abraxas

    Epic action sequences in the last 15 minutes or so, worthy of the big screen. When you hear little to no music over the end credits, you know s**t just got real!

  • The Mynxie One

    Glad to see Cersei getting what she deserves, but I really hate the assholes who imprisoned her. I hope she gets out and kills every last one of them. Then I hope Marjorie gets out and kills her.

  • Ali Khan

    I love the way the writer makes the story about Starks and the Lanisters and the Targeryns and than goes on to show that this is way bigger than them,
    P.S. Jon Snow needs the Dragon Mom and her offspring …..