Gallipoli Part 4 The Deeper Scar

Posted By CouchTuner On March 3, 2015





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  • Snapperfisho

    lest we forget. anzacs RIP.

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    omg I am so fucking pissed off at those british mutherfuckers I would peel their skin off and from all of their families. I thought I hated them before , ur suck suckers

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    shame on the lame ass lazy british wankers that had everyone killed there. I hope ur burning in hell .

    • orsonhinds

      Meanwhile, two million British soldiers were holding back the real enemy, the Germans, on the Western Front, while you fucking Aussies couldn’t even manage to make a fist of this diversion against a second rate army.

      And you’re still whining about it, you fucking poofs.

      • Snapperfisho

        maybe we should have helped the yanks out in the pacific closer to out neck of the woods atleast. no hard feelings from us kiwis tho we know you poms are just up tight gits even a hundred years on.

        • orsonhinds

          There was a Pacific conflict in the First World War?

          As far as I’m concerned, apart from Tobruk which held up Rommel for a few weeks, you people had fuck all to do with either world war, relatively speaking. So you can suck up to the Yanks all you like in future. Not much of a loss to anyone here. And not much gain for them either.

      • Brendan Anneto

        Just remember that it was British command at Suvla, The Nek and Lone Pine. As for the Western Front The 5 Australian Divisions were again put under British Command. It wasn’t until May 1918 when the 5 Divisions were finally placed together under Australian command and break outs across the western front were made. Maybe you should read the statistics from when we were placed under Australian command with General Sir John Monash. ANZAC forces consisted of less than 1% of the entire commonwealth military yet in 1 attack at le Hammel 1500 Prisoners 2000 German casualties and over 180 machine guns were taken in a space of 2 hours. Go and read your facts before making uneducated statements.

      • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

        so true thank you for getting my attention so I could take a much better look correct