Gallipoli Part 1

Posted By CouchTuner On February 10, 2015





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  • The Cleaner

    this makes me so fkn mad . it shows that war for the most part is nothing but a rick mans joke. all the high ranking big shots are nothing but ass clowns playing the game whos balls are bigger

  • The Cleaner

    its is about time England is seen in its true light. England sent everyone in first and at the end they walked in claiming they won the war. shame on England.

    • Karly Johnston

      i thought it was France that won the war.

      • Muginson

        You thought very fucking wrong

        • Karly Johnston

          Who did most of the fighting and dying? Where did most of it take place? Who was the Supreme Commander’s country? Who did the German’s surrender to? The answer to all these questions is France.

          • Muginson

            Just because a country loses the most soldiers does not mean that it solely won the war, it was a combined effort from all sides that were involved, and credit shouldn’t be taken away from either of the sides who took part.

          • Karly Johnston

            No one said it soley won the war, but if any one country gets credit, give credit where its due. American’s want to take credit for WWII, but it was the Soviets that did all the bloody work. They did more damage to the Japanese in 4 weeks than the US did in 4 years and by far was the reason the Germans lost.

          • Muginson

            Indeed, Americans also want credit for WWI, forgetting that it was mostly won by Britain and France.

    • corax

      obviously you are american joining in the last year and claiming you won the war when france and england had been in it since 1914

  • matt

    same team peoples mistakes were made