Forever Season 1 Episode 8 The Ecstasy of Agony

Posted By CouchTuner On November 11, 2014



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  • Hans Gruber

    I would say throw the book at her, but she’d probably like that.

  • rocketships and rayguns

    I think the blond chick played on one tree hill

    • BobC

      Hilarie Burton you are right

  • Caz

    hahaha loved the fact jane seymour was in this ep (anyone else remember her from Dr Quinn? ahhh classic)….good ep! Looks like Jo is one step closer in knocking down henry’s walls!

  • Crazy Wooo

    awesome show .. love it
    i wounder where is Adam !…

  • orsonhinds

    I just want to know at which point this show turns into Highlander. “I am Conor McCloud of the clan McCloud [no shit] and I am immortal.” Cue cool Queen music. “Here we are / born to be kings / we’re the princes of the universe….” What a great movie

    ….but I digress. Back to the show.

    • last

      i laughed for a good minute

  • orsonhinds

    Arthur Schopenhauer was many things, but an ‘existential’ philosopher was not one of them.