Family Guy S04E13

Posted By CouchTuner On June 6, 2015



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  • Snapperfisho

    Oh the drama not bad, not bad at all i say my good sir. As far as colonial period tv series go this is far better than most with red coats fighting and people being brought back to life from the dead oh and a crazy woman or two doesn’t hurt. i give it 8/10

    • Eric The Bread

      If you want a REAL crazy woman, just wait for the essence of madness!
      (I don’t consider that a spoiler, as it would mean nothing to anyone who hasn’t already read the book).

      • Snapperfisho

        wish i could read books …. lol nah thanks for the tip bud

        • Eric The Bread

          The book isn’t for everyone- everyone I know who has read it either loves it or hates it. I think it’s brilliant, but it’s almost 800 pages long, and the footnotes amount to a substantial collection of (fascinating) short stores. The first time I read it, there were points where I couldn’t put it down, and points where I went periods without picking it up. Now, I’m glad for every word…I think with this book, if you appreciate the writing style, it’s for you- I loved it from the first chapter. If not or if you aren’t a big reader, I would HIGHLY recommend the Audiobook- the reader is superb, and the voices of each of the characters come alive, almost uncannily- the voice he uses for The Man With the Thistledown Hair (the white-haired fairy who made the deal with Norrell to bring Lady Pole back to life) is particularly impressive.

          In any event, I’m glad BBC has brought this marvelous creation to a new audience, and done a rather faithful job of preserving the integrity of the plot and characters so far.

  • last

    reminds me why i read the novel when i was a teen

  • Eric The Bread

    How fantastic to see one of my two favorite novels brought to life so expertly. I do miss the wonderful wit and humor of Susanna Clarke’s writing, but the BBC adaptation captures the heart of the book quite well. I’ve read JS & MN around four times and listened to the audiobook (which is a masterpiece) twice, so I have particular ideas of how each character looks and acts… Strange, Arabella, Steven Black, Childermass and Lady Pole are cast very well. Norrell isn’t quite how I pictured him but his depiction is growing on me. Drawlight isn’t quite over-the-top enough for my liking so far. The Man With The Thistledown Hair’s face and mannerisms are perfect. I imagined his hair more wild and windswept, but it works for me. My personal grade so far is about 8.5/10.