Family Guy S02E01

Posted By CouchTuner On June 4, 2015



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  • Reformation

    This completely glosses over how he first started hating the Jew. It doesn’t even mention the red scare that morphed into a hot war. Russian Bolshevik jews were rabble rousing the natives in the wake of WW1.
    You can be the greatest orator mankind has ever seen, but it means nothing and you will have zero following if your words lack tangible truths. The Bolshevik threat was the truth, and everyone could see it right in their streets like a giant shit stain fouling up a once proud land.
    Hitler recognized immediately this was not only a threat to Germany and Austria, but to the whole of Europe and the Caucasian nations, He attended these rallies and studied how these reds were mobilizing the masses, and in great part, just imitated them with an opposite Aryan spin.
    Hitler was a psychopath, but at least tell the truth about how he shaped his prejudice, wouldn’t that qualify for a most important day?