Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 6 Door Number Three

Posted By CouchTuner On July 28, 2014





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  • Boris Badenov

    go back to the old site and comment format

    • Evil Peanut

      Disqus is amazing, though. (I have no clue what the old site and comment format was.)

  • Hans Gruber

    This is like Wyatt Earp protecting someone in his custody from a lynch mob. Too bad Tom didn’t see the parallel…

  • sonstef

    Yes this is me Sonstef , once again pointing out true racism in these shows. Notice: Jot one Nubian (black)Women involved in the show. Oh they will put a U.T. (uncle tom) black man with the quickness just because they know the true strength of Nubian people is the woman. Now look at this new & reform Lexsie; blond (yellow thin hair-Leviticus 19:32-36- the plague of leprosy in the hair) no more Asian fetches. And look who her obedient servant is…??? that’s right a Nubian-Women. A SUN being. Meaning she gets strength from the SUN not burnt & cancer. Open you eyes Nubian people you should not do these racist shows. FACT: The word Egypt comes from the Greek word “Egypt’s” which means burnt faeces. Which what happen to Napoleon & his Amy when they invaded that land , which was called Nubia – Nuba. Remember they did not have Sun screen back then. So Egypt is not even a black word. Just like African.

    • Zoë O’Brien

      ‘sonstef’… shut the fuck up!!

    • Marco Aurélio Ramos

      Here is a person of South America, more precisely Brazil, and its text is more fiction than the series itself.

      Freedom of speech is for higher things, to bring something good to the society.

      Now about you: you’re an idiot!

    • Evil Peanut

      I read one sentence and gave up.

      What I’m assuming is you’re trying to point out the racism in this show. Therefore I will tell you now that there isn’t any, and your sentence structure is terrible; making this whole thing impossible to read.

      Thank you.

    • IComplainAlot

      FACT: Idc.

  • http://People.ign.com/forneverstar Forneverstar

    Ok episode

  • http://People.ign.com/forneverstar Forneverstar

    I have a feeling lexi will sprouwt wings and fly off

    • Evil Peanut

      LOLOL. Probably, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.