Extant Season 1 Episode 4 Shelter

Posted By CouchTuner On July 31, 2014





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  • Hans Gruber

    I hate that fat doctor girl.

    • Lemon Cupid

      Would you like her better if she were a skinny doctor girl? How about a fat doctor boy? Hans… Really dude… Really?

      • Hans Gruber

        I hated her in ghost whisperer too.

        • Niska Marie Encalade

          I agree, I pretty much hate whatever character she plays in any production. They always fail to grasp “Commom Sense” yet try to be self righteous, always doing the wrong thing. Fat/skinny doesn’t matter, I just dislike her.

          • Hans Gruber

            Yes. I just used the word “fat” as a description of her. If she was skinny I would have said “skinny doctor girl”.

            I never actually learned her name. I was too busy cringing at how bad an actress she was in all the scenes she was in.

  • TKRandi

    The technician that died, putting the yellowish stuff on his hand and then took his mask off. Doesn’t compute! It is a proven fact that what goes on the skin (hand in this case), goes into the blood stream. Test for yourself: Barefoot- stand on a piece of raw garlic. Within a nano-second you will taste the garlic on your tongue. Just saying folks, such a silly mistake….

    • geebee

      are you for real? Its a sifi show dealing with something alien. get an imagination. or stop watching! LOL just saying…

    • Hans Gruber

      That depends entirely on the thickness and stability of the stuff you are putting on your skin. For example, many oils are made up of stuff that can spread to only a few molecules thick yet can retain its coherency… like the oil from Garlic or from animals like Emus.

      But if it is denser like soap or gas or engine oil, or has many impurities like rainwater, it can’t get through the skin.

  • rod c

    What an awful show. Nothing of any real significance has happened in four episodes and now we have to swallow the doctor and her brother storyline too. Complete crap.