Empire Season 1 Episode 12

Posted By CouchTuner On March 19, 2015





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  • Ayana

    Another awesome episode. Can’t wait for next season! Lucious is crazy yo..

  • Margaret Doyle

    [Finale]! Empire {Fox} Episode 11&12 OnLine Full


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  • Margaret Doyle

    Watch Empire Episode 12 Finale Season @ here

  • exoskull

    game time bitches

  • Isabelle Law

    Hakeem and Andre are stupid if they cant see that Jamal is best suited to run Empire. Andre is bipolar and while his meds help, we’ve seen what can happen if he decides not to take ‘em (we don’t want him spontaneously buying lamborghini’s). Hakeem is a talented musician but he’s also an immature, spoilt brat who cant make serious decisions. He cannot run a company. Jamal is talented and has a level head. He is the obvious choice. Those brothers need to band together and stop being jealous. YOU’RE ALL RICH! Like WTF!? What does it matter who runs the company Yes Jamal will make more money but it’s not like y’all are living in poverty. Plus he’s your BROTHER. you think he’s gonna make corporate decisions to deliberately hurt you? He knows what its like to be treated literally like trash by the head of a company cos his bigoted dad treated him that way. He wont hurt you. Just let it go and help him succeed. if he succeeds, you succeed too.