Elementary S1 E1

Posted By CouchTuner1 On March 8, 2014

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  • disqus_4PGFRWIUbe

    1. I cant get this video to play and 2. it will never be as good as Sherlock the British Version TV show, Benedict Cumberbatch is just a great Sherlock Holmes

    • The_truth

      Benedict is quite a good Sherlock, but he’s on equal footing with J.L.M. and R.D.J. They all bring quite different but equally accurate and amazing takes to the greatest detective to grace the blue marble we call home.

  • My_Name_Is

    Comparing the first episodes of both Elementary and Sherlock, I must admit that Sherlock is much better. Why? For many reasons. One being that the acting itself was much more in depth, the actors chosen fit the roles were more suitable. The second being that the filming of Sherlock is superior to that of Elementary- a wide range of camera angles and techniques were used, and there were fluent transitions between. Thirdly, it seems as though more effort was placed into the making of Sherlock. Sherlock made sure to include small details from the actual books themselves. However, this was just a comparison of the first episodes.

    • The_truth

      I hear/read the argument all the time that people feel the Sherlock from Sherlock is closer to the books version of Sherlock than the Sherlock portrayed in Elementary. And to that I so go read the books again. You’ll find that both are equal. They both extenuate different aspect but neither is more accurate. Often as the show goes on, people love to complain that the american Sherlock cares too much or is to emotional, which is just wrong. The Sherlock from the books cared, quite a lot. Small details, like how JLM intentionally deduced a nicer version of what happened to LL is exactly something I’d expect the real Sherlock to have done. People also need to take the differences into account. Making him a recovered addict instead of one constantly doing drugs when not on case (like the oringal) and Watson being a woman are GOING to change the way he acts. Also a quick jab to the Sherlock fangirls (I love that series btw) the fact that they made him addicted to nicotine instead of drugs or at least recovered like Elementary, is straight retarded and an insult to Sherlock as a character. In the end both are for different audiences and both are quite amazing works of Sherlock Holmes and his life.