Edge of Alaska Season 1 Episode 4 The Road

Posted By CouchTuner On November 16, 2014





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  • NeilisaDik

    Ok it must just be me but wtf would you put bull calf inside a car with 2
    young kids just in front of it?Yea it has a cheap divider but this isnt
    a tame dog sheesh.Then wtf would you even think about trying to walk a
    animal on a rope that is just born and has NEVER been subjected to
    that?Cows and bulls are not lead around on leashes so why would anyone
    think it would just up and do it without issues?This is a 13week old
    bull calf right DUH…I’m starting to think maybe he isnt such a good
    farmer or a safe parent.Sorry but would never put a child in a car with a
    bull calf EVER, to hell with kicking out window what about your kids
    heads you moron…
    I think these people live way out there to get
    away from others/town/city life. Maybe that’s why to all choose to live
    there where there WASN’T a vacationer paradise..Neil is just another
    looser who chooses greed above all. I hope he looses everything and is
    forced to abandon/loose everything he has put into this place.A man who
    wants a bar/hotel/store but cant even repair what breaks…what goes
    around comes around. When you tell a community you can do whatever you
    want and it doesn’t matter if they like it or not….that says a lot
    about type of person you are. Not only that its way out in nowhere an
    accidents happen neil…..hate for him to get hurt and no one willing to
    help him in a life or death situation…

    • LaShell West

      I so agree with you about Neil being nothing but greedy ! Karma will take care of him in due time :) But as far as leading a calf or a cow around with the use of a halter and a rope, it is done all the time on farms to your local 4-H groups.

  • Hans Gruber

    I was rooting for the cow.