Drop Dead Diva S3E4

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 22, 2015



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  • 姜宏权

    3 weeks? What kind of battery does that phone has?

  • Guest

    I had to go back and re-watch it, but I don’t think Jemma’s friend is real. When the cage disappeared with no trace it seemed odd, but if you watch it, it looks like there are no actual interactions where the guy does anything she couldn’t have done. It looks like a Fight Club thing. Anyone else see that or is it just late and I’m being dumb again?

    • Nutmeg Buchanan

      really gd theory u might be right

    • IamhotUArnot

      I just assumed that he was a coping mechanism as well from the get go and that when they go back they will discover that she did everything on her own. On the other hand they did show him at the very end so there is that.

    • kiichan

      nahhh i think he’s real. I mean, they even show him in the end there

  • I’ll Take Who Jemma Rejects

    Great episode. Jemma was probably my least favorite character. Not that I didn’t like her, I just could never completely connect with her. This episode changed that.

  • Tieas Cone

    no trees but she makes a fire with wood?

    • Watson to Tiea’s Sherlock

      I think the wood came from the astronauts. Just before she falls into the cave, she walks through a “grove” of the seemingly dead wood. Being part of the supplies that came through with Will is the only thing that makes sense unless there’s someplace else they didn’t show us where trees grow.

  • IamhotUArnot


  • BNB36

    coping mechanism possibly but i think they would have explored that mental twist in another way, rather than attempt to go back thru the portal. Unless they use the new open portal to transport Lash thru. but other than that theory, what character could they be bringing in using William Daniels the astronaut for?

  • Hoid

    67 hours and no food she must be part camel in the food and water deparment.

  • kiichan

    survive Will!!!!!!

  • Zanaku

    One thing I don’t get is that Simmons theorized (and somewhat proved) that the portal opens via Moon Allignment, so it is a timed thing based on the planet they are on. However, Fitz proved that the monolith (portal) is like a subwoofer and reacts to a certain vibration; this is how Daisy opened it. So are there 2 ways to open portals, or are the two things somehow connected?