Dominion S2E2 Mouth of the Damned

Posted By CouchTuner On July 17, 2015





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  • Hoid

    that was one pathetic assassination attempt.

  • asdf

    It’s an odd mix of fantasy, inspired by Christian religion and mythology, spliced brutally with the normal world. The apocalypse explains a schism and it’s a good mix.

    I don’t like the guy from the past – his one liners are abominable :-( In all seriousness – You can’t expect shakespeare from this kind of show, we don’t want shakespeare – we want good sci fi and action, the drama of a sci fi and the action which can come with special effects. These shows aren’t like every other cop show or reality TV… Still, the guy from the past is a walking contrivance! He’s just a talking plot device! The asshat only speaks in one liners and the one liners, we’re meant to identify with his ‘contemporary’ speech, when he references Darth Vader or says “Dude!”

    Apart from him… the writing and acting is pretty much what you’d expect. They could have found infinitely better ways to explain fantasy and sci fi elements to the viewers – He just breaks immersion when he’s supposed to contribute, he’s comedy relief which is pointless and counterproductive. None of the leads have a sense of humor? They all lack depth?! We need a walking box of one liners that are designed to bridge the gap in immersion or cover a suspension of disbelief?

    At least Trek had Technobabble… I suppose it’s hard to have humorous bible-babble or whatever. Anyway – fun show. At least it’s still fun, it’s supposed to be fun.

    • CircleJerk O’Lantern

      Yeah – that guy should be Rob Schneider. He even looks like Rob Schneider…. just as annoying and pointless.

      Like in Judge Dread.

      • last

        wait rob was inn judge dread, omg what a shit movie then

    • last

      im confused as to who you may be referring to, the guy from the past? Who is that? I don’t recall a mention of any man from the past in this episode.

      are you talking about the ghost image of the mans son? because he’s the only dick that seems out of place, and rob schneiderish,