Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 4 Listen

Posted By CouchTuner On September 14, 2014



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  • SAQ Rabbit

    Now this is the episode I have been waiting for. This was a great episode. This season had a rocky start (IMO), but if the rest are as compelling as this one, you can color me interested once again.

  • Oli Chai Skyes

    This is the Doctor Who writing I know and love. Finally we get a riveting episode.

  • motordog

    starts off like a creepypasta

    • Nancy Ann

      the best ones all do

  • Nancy Ann

    Why does he choose to write using English?

    • mike

      the tardis changes every laguage to your native one

      • Nancy Ann

        Ah… so he was actually writing Gallifreyan, but we are seeing it as English?

        • Phillip Zajac

          When it comes to time travel, Its best not to think too hard about it. You’ll either give yourself an aneurysm or a tumor.

          • Justin Cronkright

            Proper translation in progress… ”Tumour”.

  • Nancy Ann

    Clara, you brilliant, impossible girl.