Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 2 Into The Dalek

Posted By CouchTuner On August 31, 2014


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  • Jen Ramos

    Okay the drama was good in this episode but I quite don’t see the logic in it. Everything after the miniaturization made sense but the miniaturization itself was pure poppy cock. Honestly, they shrink the doctors and put them in the patients. What sort of patients are these? OR rather what could Doctors do in them. The darlek got away with this one bc he’s a piece of bio cybernetic engineering but something purely biological can’t be fixed like that not without difficulty and time. But really who had this idea?

    • painteram

      Are you really trying to put logic to doctor who?

      • Jen Ramos

        Just a little of it? This one was crazy yo.

        • painteram

          Every doctor who episode is crazy. We just get way to use to the crazy lol.

          • shawn

            That’s true

          • Luis lopez

            fore shadowing of the divine hatred, Im assuming that it goes back to when the daleks told the doctor they had never seen such divine beauty, it probably came from this episode and we are just looking at an early version of that time stream, when the doctors divinity amongst the daleks was realized

          • Jen Ramos

            That was a kind of useless episode though. Sixty minutes to prove the Doctor’s done his share of hating the darleks. That he can’t win either ways. They really flipping his personality this time.

          • ftltruth

            its not darleks it daleks

  • sampler

    i hate the transitions. the episodes all feel rushed and the plots are not self serving enough. I also haven’t seen any season finale foreshadowing or consistency other than awkwardness.

    • theodyssey

      How? when they show someone dying and ending up in paradise? That’s total foreshadowing, it’s happened in both episodes, and the lady who is there claims the doctor is her boyfriend. Were you paying attention?

  • TiannaOswinOswald

    Just finished this episode and before I judge it and before you all gang up on me for this, I actually really do enjoy Peter as the doctor. I like his quirks, but some of them really are starkinly different to Matt’s and thats hard to get used to. For example, 11 would never have given that pill to that man and killed him in the beginning he would have tried to save him. This doctor is much colder and much more ruthless than 11 was, although 11 had his moments. Now, the episode: I was honestly dissapointed. There was no excitement whatsoever and the solution was honestly so ridiculous and predictable. Clara just pushed a few buttons and BAM the dalek was fixed. I hope the rest of the season is better than this episode because this is not the story line that I am used to in Who.

  • Nancy Ann