Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1

Posted By CouchTuner On July 13, 2014





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  • John

    eh no.. maybe if your in a hurry then sure.. but its very early pre release, no colour and still untextured CGI.
    Reminds me of the first release of wolverine were alot of scenese tere plain mesh and could still see stunt wires everywhere.

  • Rhau

    Actually, seeing as most of the episode was in old London, I thought it gave it an awesome tone…I found myself accepting it as normal quite quickly and enjoyed it. Then again, it might just be because I was starved for a new episode…Loved it either way ! lol I’ll just watch it again later =P

  • tyy

    this is doctor who read whats on top this is nowhere near done

  • sarah

    so there are going to upload this episode again but the actual one because i dont understand why its like this

    • Skylord_Phatang

      The BBC didn’t allow this to be uploaded, this is a leaked rough cut. The finished version will be uploaded at the promised time, 23rd August.

  • sarah

    wth its supposed to be up today D; like i am so confused now like its august 23rd today can someone please tell me when its going to be on couchtuner if they know

    • Lynxasauras

      Today is the television release of the new episode, they post new episodes 24 hours after the television release. So it’ll be online tomorrow. :)