Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1 Deep Breath

Posted By CouchTuner On August 23, 2014


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  • UpsideLeft

    This is awesome! A fantastic episode! Can’t wait for the next one!
    It’s not up at the other couchtuner sites and I’ll probably blame the England.

    • Bill Nigel

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      • Saucey79

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        • GentlemanOtaku

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  • two

    i am so glad its capaldi

    • Bill Nigel

      I am so glad you spend your life touching yourself. Thanks.

  • AllTimeTV

    I miss Matt Smith!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill Nigel

      Excuse me, Matt Smith is a tranny.

  • Nick Fletcher

    Love the references to past episodes and incarnations

    • Bill Nigel

      You sir, are a homosexual.

      • Jamie Williquette

        I’m a homosexual but I don’t think that’s what this is about.

      • Solivis

        I feel sorry for you.

      • Soda

        Are you like those people who can read the future in your hands, but instead you read sexuality in comments? That’s awesome.

      • Guest

        Mr. Bill Nigel,

      • Mage Austin Holland

        ohhh i get it your that one idiotic person in the comments :D

  • Bill Nigel

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    • Aadil Ahmed

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    • hayleeeey

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    • Anonymous

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  • Bill Nigel

    I have noticed that dinosaurus has a enlarged penis.

    • Cherokee Corn

      Of course, Mr. Troll, we’re happy for you and glad you like the d*cks, but just keep keep that stuff to yourself, okay? TMI and all that.
      I know you consider it your sadistic pleasure to annoy others, but if you’ve got time for that; then just go get layed. Its more worth your time.
      (Just don’t reproduce, please. We don’t wish to know if trolling is a genetic trait. (No offense ;))

      • Grant

        that is the strongest reaction ever to a sentence with less than ten words.

        • Cherokee Corn

          Yes, it is a rather strong reaction, true? :)

  • Bill Nigel

    It seems Clara is immortal.

  • Magzzz

    Dear Bill Nigel,
    Please do us all a favor and Piss Off :)

    • Saucey79

      yea he’s a cunt

  • Oli Chai Skyes

    Traits of The Doctor past, Capaldi does it well. I like that little nod Moffat.

    Also I’m loving Stax, star of this episode.

  • Oli Chai Skyes

    In honesty, this was underwhelming and dull for The 12th Doctor.

  • Haley Curtis

    Won me over with the phone call to Clara. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  • Cherokee Corn

    Please don’t feed the trolls…

  • Johnny Applesemen

    The creators said that the reason for creating this episode was to reiterate the fact that this new doctor was still the same doctor, just regenerated. They created it because not many viewers accepted the 10th and 11th doctor as soon as they did regenerate, but rather, hated them for being so different. To not create the same problem they showed the ending scene (with the 10th doctor phoning Clara) to comfort fans.

    • primeHeifer

      11th phoning Clara, though the explanation was spot on.

  • Alfred Pennyweather

    More Clara pls

  • Dalek DeSkaro

    The new Doctor talks way too fast for me… and his Scottish accent doesn’t help either. Consequently, I can’t understand what the photon he was saying throughout the episode.

  • Dalek DeSkaro

    is NOone gonna comment on the fact that Madame Vastra literally EATS PEOPLE WTH

  • Dalek DeSkaro

    “attack eyebrows” XD

  • Dalek DeSkaro

    did the Doctor just give away his fob watch for a tramp’s coat?

  • Jessica Ream

    It says it was deleted….???

  • Jessica Ream

    Why does it say it’s deleted??