Doctor Who S9E12 Hell Bent

Posted By CouchTuner On December 6, 2015





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  • Blue

    Thanks for the upload

  • Doctor

    soooo…clara has her own tardis xd well now there are 3 woman out there that are connectet to the doctor 1 timelord and 2 immortals
    (his daughter and clara and “me”) and the sonic is just amazing

    • Darren

      yer , imagine his daughter , clara , “me” , River and ´sexy´ the TARDIS all in the same room…. man that would be a fight lol :o)

  • Paul

    I guess we’ll see Clara again either in the Xmas special, next season, or when Capaldi ends his run. They’ll find some way to keep her alive, which is a nice happy ending, but I’m a bit disappointed that they always do the same. Yeah, it’s timey wimey and all that, but everyone dies at some point.

    • Me

      Steven Moffat stated that we won’t see the rest of Clara’s story anymore, even though she’s still out there having adventures and that she’ll eventually go back to Gallifrey to die.

      He also said that next season is being designed as a possible starting point for new viewers and that they wanted to wipe the slate clean this season. So bringing back Clara so soon won’t work.

      However, Moffat has lied before so who knows? He also stated we had seen the last of River but she’s still in the next christmas special.

      Personally, I think the only time we’ll possibly see Clara is when the 12th Doctor, Capaldi, is going to regenerate (kinda like how we saw Amy when 11 regenerated and Rose/Martha/Donna/Jack when 10 regenerated).

      • Paul

        I agree. There’s no way that they’ll just let the story go with no conclusion. Fans wouldn’t be very happy and Williams has plenty of time in between GOT seasons to reprise her role.

  • Chang Lik Son

    Finally the screwdriver is back , better than ever

  • Darren

    even the TARDIS did not like the shades , it made a new screwdriver and throw it at him. I can almost hear ´sexy´ saying ´use this or else´ lol ;)

  • musicgirl

    I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. I wish they wouldn’t have brought another TARDIS into this. It’s always been the policebox and now there’s another TARDIS out there that looks like a diner? Ugh. It’s about as bad as the sonic shades.

  • Cassie Veve

    OMG!!!! First minute OMG…

  • Jennifer

    When will the christmas episode be downloaded?!!

  • sdffas

    arya confirmed !!! me was alone in the tardis :-) I m sure she made a side trip to westeros and folled around there a bit.