Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special – Last Christmas

Posted By CouchTuner On December 26, 2014





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  • lol

    no one?

    • Toni

      I belive were the first who found this on server everyone else is looking in the wrong place.

      • l00k


        • Toni

          theres diffrent servers some are less updated then others.

      • Ishouldbedoinghomework

        i had to google to find it what is the difference??

  • James Phillip Schmitt


  • Timelady

    I suppose we all have to thank the tangerine

  • baking cookies

    first- “How do you get all the toys in the sleigh”? “bigger on the inside” definately best line… second- Is the actor who played Santa really named Nick Frost? Really?

    • SpyderPig


  • EmberLily

    Yes! I Was certain Clara wasn’t coming back! So happy!

  • jonaserkul

    I really wanted Nick Frost Santa to be real. But alas, they have to dick around with “ooh, the tangerine! maybe he IS real! or maybe not! fuck you everyone who liked him!”

    • Eric The Bread

      A scene at the end with Santa looking on would have been terribly cliché and tasteless IMHO. I was so hoping they wouldn’t do it and very relieved that they didn’t. If you want to watch something where Santa is real from start to finish, there are plenty of movies that fit that bill. That said, if it were possible to have the ending tailored to each of us, I would have wished for Santa to be real in yours ;-)

  • Cassie Veve

    This was brilliant, who needs santa when you have the Doctor? <3 And Clara! Yay for Clara! <3

  • LaDoctora

    So far i am the only one that is disappointed Clara isn’t leaving. I really thought this was her last season and I do not like her as the companion, I find her whiny and annoying. She doesn’t contribute anything to the doctor and she whines about everything if it doesn’t go her way.
    “Clara bring me the dead one.”
    “Should I bring you a cup of tea while i’m at it?”
    Like honestly the world is in danger as usual and you complain because you have to do a tad bit of legwork? Shut up and bring it instead of standing around!
    Hmmph. I really hope this next season is her last.

    • Eric The Bread

      For me, it was a wonderful Christmas gift to find out Clara is staying on. As mad as I am at them for misleading us, it sort of had a “New Coke” effect- take something away, even for a little bit (or pretend to in this case) and getting it back is a great feeling. Like finding a $20 you thought you had lost feels better than seeing it in your wallet when you knew it was there… On the other hand, “knowing” clara was leaving kind of made this past season bitter sweet for me- like there was a dark cloud hovering over every episode. And yes, I know I’m talking/typing in metaphors and similes, but I have no idea why

      • HankLand

        Couldn’t agree more with your comment Eric, that’s exactly how I felt.

    • Ishouldbedoinghomework

      I agree with you. I think it is time we get a new companion spice things up a bit…something different you know.

  • Eric The Bread

    Even though I knew from the trailers to expect it, the beginning of the episode felt very foreign to me. I was expecting it to feel like Doctor Who (don’t ask me to define that feeling- the best I could come up with would be something along the lines of “timey-whimey”) but it didn’t. I was afraid it was going to turn into some silly Christmas themed love-fest, which would have been a disappointment for viewers in the short-run but horrible for the franchise following that God-awful season finale.

    Ordinarily it would be hard to imagine just two or three episodes poisoning a series as long-lived as DW, but the Season Finale, was THAT bad. I didn’t have particularly strong feelings about the lead-in (dark Waters/episode 11h, but it served well enough as a build-up to The Big Reveal RE: who was Missy and what had been going on in those “heaven” scenes all season. Here’s hoping The Master makes himself scarce for a good long while, and that the writers got whatever the hell it was that inspired them to create episode 12 out of their system!

  • Asma stark

    this episode is by far the best episode from this year and from capaldi, actually capaldi is starting to grow on me :) cant wait to see the next season, even though this one wasnt thaat good but still watchable

  • bigmac74

    So is Clara going to be on for the whole next season? As much as I love her I was hoping that this was goodbye because it was a good one, until we learned the Doctor was still dreaming. The Impossible girl will return, but who knows for how long. All in all Capaldi’s first season was pretty awesome. I don’t really like the fact that Missy turned out to be the Master but oh well.

  • Joel Kirk

    I’m glad Clara is returning for the next season. She’s fun and gorgeous, and I’m sure they are going to give her some closure with Danny returning.

  • name

    Am I the only one at all concerned about the fact the other 3 could very well still be dreaming? If the Doctor and Clara were in three dreams, wouldn’t logic extend the fact that the other 3 are also in three dreams?