Delirium Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Posted By CouchTuner On June 23, 2014





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  • Tess

    Looks interesting. Thanks CT

  • Hans Gruber

    That senator is the whitest black woman I’ve ever seen….

  • orsonhinds

    This is just a rehash of Logan’s run. I guess I’m old enough to remember!

  • me

    Not bad it has potential

  • Meme El Hakoma

    when`s the next episode ?

  • Liv.

    The whole first book in this one episode! They put definitely to much in it! I love the books, but this series have to put the shit together. Seriously don’t wondering why they didn’t release this!

  • Jazz

    This is horrid compared to the books. Alex is hideous. Lena and Hannah look nothing like Lena and Hannah. Hannah is supposed to be prettier than Lena and blonde. While Lena is supposed to have jet black hair and not as pretty as Hannah. Julian is blonde also but at least he is actually good looking in this.
    The least they could of done was make the characters look like the actual characters.
    Actually the whole thing doesn’t even follow the book. The people who had the cure are suppose to be lifeless and logical. These people are to lively and pretty much like any normal person. This was also very rushed and missed important key factors. I will not continue this series. I’m disappointed.