Daredevil Season 1 Episode 6

Posted By CouchTuner On April 10, 2015





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  • Abraxas

    That Russian dude was a tough mofo

  • Pride

    I like the show, but it just doesn’t stand out to me like Arrow or even the flash does.

    • NomadHunter x

      I am totally hooked I watch Arrow and Flash, to tell you the truth I thought Flash would suck, only because I thought Arrow was so good, I was wrong still watch both shows but to tell you the truth Flash is better, now I will discuss this show, the fighting scenes are so much better than Arrow that you would have a very difficult argument on your hands, Drama, grittiness, realism this show is so real, hands down a winner. wow simply said love DAREDEVIL.

      • Siddhartha Kala

        Every single episode of Flash is almost the same. A new kind of enemy shows up, Flash assumes he can take that enemy down easily, then Flash almost dies and is saved by his friends at STAR labs, then those friends figure out how to beat the enemy, and then Flash goes out and beat the enemy. And also there is this thing going on with the reverse flash and Flash’s romance issues along side.

        • NomadHunter x

          Dude I know you are watching all these shows, you can’t help it, they are all good.Yes there are some flaws minor if you ask me, but can we ever deny our Heros I know you can’t either can I.

          • Siddhartha Kala

            Yes I am watching all these shows. They’re all good. I am just suggesting that Flash should try variations in storylines, rather than making back to back similar episodes. Other than that, I like Flash and Daredevil.
            I gave up on Gotham long time back though, its just lame.

          • Radical

            Agreed, Flash is honestly kind of a weak show, but the characters are charismatic enough to keep me involved. I do agree that the writing isn’t that great though. Daredevil and Gotham are both kind of lacking in the superhero department, but both keep me hooked with the human drama (Gotham kind of waxes and wanes, I still call it ‘The Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma Power Hour’) Agents of Shield also has its ups and downs, but they really know how to do a cliffhanger. I still haven’t seen Arrow. I know I should go back and watch it since I’m watching Flash, but it just doesn’t seem terribly appealing.

          • Sid Rocks

            I’m also not watching Arrow… Its just not that exciting for me …besides there’s other great shows like Better Call Saul and the all time favourite Simpsons that I’d prefer to spend my free hours on :)

  • Romz Roses

    Ahhh the banter is great, “It’s not like what you see in the movies”, “I dont exactly go to the movies”. haha

  • Romz Roses