Daredevil S1E4

Posted By CouchTuner On April 10, 2015





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  • Dan Williams

    Wow that was awesome. Loving this Kingpin. Thanks for uploading :)

  • Isabelle Law

    Kingpin needs to calm his tits. that dude is scary. So he cockblocked you just get some whore to jump on your dick…or try again. Jeez man! “You embarrassed me in front of her” so you cut off his head with a car door|?!

    • Sushi

      You really should think about what you watch, his expressed that he doesn’t like a woman that can be bought, that should say it all really.

  • Chip

    Some guys get their butts kicked. Someone gets rescued. Some more people get their butts kicked. Oh…so riveting.

  • Sachi Fleming

    Holy fucking shit that Kingpin. He so awesome tbh i would have done the same if it was a girl i liked in fact i would have probably killed him much slower while telling him what he just cost me ahah.

  • Clare Mcalister-Raeburn

    Too much, way too much in that final killing scene. Psychopath. The noises illustrating the killing were way too much. God, just, horrible.