Daredevil S1E2 Cut Man

Posted By CouchTuner On April 10, 2015





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  • Former Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D

    Daredevil! :)

  • Abraxas

    Awesome fight sequence! Looks like a more brutal, ‘realistic’ (for TV) brawl than the slickly choreographed fights in most productions. Believe the hype

  • Isabelle Law

    whoa that final fight sequence was the shit! All in one take! wow

  • Mohd Saad

    This is epicness of a whole new level !!!

  • L Law Liet


  • Charltina

    Now, this is awesome~! The writing is well done and the fight sequences are much more realistic. The fight choreographer deserves some applause. Go Daredevil.

  • IamhotUArnot

    Its a superhero for blind people………..if only they could actually watch it.

  • dem legs Watson

    There is indeed a “w” in French kid.

  • Rod

    I wonder if he drove the kid home.

  • Romz Roses

    AHHH THAT FIGHT SCENE WAS GREAT! Looked like it came straight out of The Raid, I LOVE How dark this seems to be getting, The Arrow and The Flash better watch out, and Gotham.

  • John Vasquez

    wow underage drinking, what a great dad

  • Clare Mcalister-Raeburn

    Episode 2 miles better than the first. More characterization, good narrative development, well-written and styled. I’m signing up for more and I loathe superhero shit!

  • NomadHunter x

    Bring my heroes to life, thank you Marvel, Netflix and the Writers of this incredible show.Thank you so much, from the man I am, and from the child I was.DD you are always in my heart.Can’t help but shed a tear.