Daredevil S1E12 The Ones We Leave Behind

Posted By CouchTuner On April 11, 2015





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  • IamhotUArnot

    Please…….please for the love of cheese, kill that stupid bitch Karen off.

    “Hey, let’s just go ask Fisk’s mom questions, because there is no way that he would ever find out about it.”

    And it what world would a cop walk closer to a suspect?

    • dem legs Watson

      Yep, Ben’s death is completely on her. Unfortunately I think she will stay alive for quite some time.

  • dem legs Watson

    Oh ok, so every single Asian person in this show is a martial arts expert. That granny can’t even walk without a cane she can throw a man across a room. I’m pissed that she didn’t die. I hate that evil bitch!

    • spankyou

      Yoda had a cane too. She did that Buddha Palm technique LOL. Also the blind Asians didn’t know martial arts

  • dem legs Watson

    Also, that girl Foggy’s sleeping with is WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY out of his league. I mean come on, not only is he difficult to look at but his personality sucks too! He thinks he’s funny but isn’t, he’s a boring “by the book” guy who sees everything in black and white. OK, he’s a kind person but that rarely enough. He must be really good in bed, the chick says it at the bar. I think that’s his secret.

  • Abraxas

    Let’s see more of Marcy … a LOT more
    Kingpin goes all Pvt Pyle

  • charged99

    this show is 10x better than Flash it is so real like the Sopranos

  • spankyou

    wth man, I love videos of cats.

  • KingOBithy

    this deviats so far from the comics, ben urch is a big part of the civil war storyline now what?