Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 10

Posted By CouchTuner On March 11, 2015





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  • dancemoms team


    • Doctor Who????

      I like Holly and her daughter. Holly speaks up for her daughter and actually brings up many solid points. I think she is fair and rational. Abby is biased against Nia. She gets mad at mom and takes it out on Nia.

      Nia should probably go to a different studio and get some fair treatment and better choreography.

      Doesn’t really matter anyway because I see Nia and Kalani (sp) as being the first ones to be replaced because of age. Abby can’t handle the competition in the teen division.

      • PAmour

        I support Holly speaking up for her daughter, but you cant blame Abby. Even though what she is doing may seem harsh, it might be better than how Nia will be treated as she gets older as a dancer. The worlds not nice. I think its good that Abby treats them this way because it might help them (believe it or not) learn how to act, and when or when not to speak up. You cant just be a good dancer, your personality, and attitude also matters.

        • Doctor Who????

          I would agree with you if you referring to Jojo since she is the only that doesn’t have a filter and is pushy but what has Nia done wrong?

          Nia is polite, respectful, and doesn’t talk back. Nia has a great personality and attitude.

          What is she teaching Nia? That if her mom disagrees with her that she will be childish and take it out on the daughter? Nia is more mature than Abby.

  • Doctor Who????

    Good Lord. These instructors are annoying AF. Abby, Cathy and Erin need to fall into a hole.

  • triquetra

    the kids are wonderful dancers, and they try so hard to please coach and parents. abbey is not a good person, I would never allow any of my children to even be around her. The other coach is just as bad. I am sure the show is scripted, but the attitudes of the parents and coaches are just horrible.

  • Sed

    Abby is just jealous of Nia’s melanin. That’s why she gives Nia uninspiring choreography. Nia does not hold such a grand title for no reason.