Dance Moms S5E23 Maddie vs. Mackenzie

Posted By CouchTuner On June 17, 2015





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  • watchtv

    Omg, I feel so bad for Mackenzie. Melissa must really love Maddie more to openly say that she thought Maddie should have beat Mackenzie. Like Holly said why couldn’t she just be happy for Mackenzie; she is so talented…

  • Julie T

    Melissa is evil. How can she say that on tv? Even thinking it is awful. I honestly thought she was crying for her pride and happiness for her youngest child to FINALLY beat her sister, but instead she was upset Maddie was beaten????? Awful person. Terrible mom.

  • Kiara

    I honesty dislike Melissa more than abby. All she care about is how high and mighty Maddie is. She doesn’t care that much about Mckenzie. She sooo rude about everyone and she thinks she better than everyone. Its horrible to watch.

  • Kiara

    How can Maddie say i deserve it beat her but it’s ok. How is that acceptable to say you deserve to beat your sister. If you deserve it you would have won. How is she crying about Maddie being in second place! What sort of mum is that. How do you say one daughter is fabulous and the other so meh and she didn’t deserve the win. Melissa is actually worse than Abby because at least Abby not fake. Melissa is as fake as abby clips on rat weave. I can not believe that is actually someone life.

  • FriendOfAFriend

    McKenzie is a wonderful dancer! At 7 she can do more then i can at 13. and yes I am a dancer. I’m proud of her.