Childhood’s End P1 The Overlords

Posted By CouchTuner On December 15, 2015





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  • Ian Washington

    i saw it coming a mile away but still the LOLs at the fucking end WHEW! Worth the watch i swear…plus Tywin lannister’s voice is in it ^^

    • That Ending Tho’

      Up until the end, I was thinking that there was nothing new to this story… that everything from the book (which I haven’t read) must have been stolen throughout the years to render it irrelevant. Then WHAM! Lots of ways the story could go now. I know how I want it to go, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Dumbass

        I know right! I wonder if the show will end with Milo sitting on a couch talking about being the last man on earth and smelling Pop-Tarts™..?

        • The Mynxie One

          lawls!!! me too :P

  • Nathan Klejman

    First of all, fuck the freedom league. They are the kind of people that can’t see the bigger picture. If an alien race came to earth and said it wanted to help us i would be exhilarated, i mean its the fucking 21st century and we still have people die of starvation and minor diseases. Our world today is unsustainable and if nothing is done, by the end of the century we are going to be fuuuucked. However, i do not know the Karellens’s true intentions, and if he plans on killing/harvesting us then there is nothing we can do unless fight back. But i think its wrong to act as if every unknown thing is a threat. Preparing for the possibilities is one thing but pointing missiles is another.