Catfish The TV Show S4E11 Steven & Samm

Posted By CouchTuner On May 7, 2015





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  • Lizzy

    Why was there no one month later skype follow up chat with Steven (and his mom) and Samm at the end? The episode ended right after Steven got turned down by Samm. We didn’t even get to hear from the mother (Aurora, I think?) following the date.

    As for the ending, I don’t think that surprised anyone. It was pretty clear that Samm wasn’t a fan of how young Steven was both mentally and emotionally coupled with his lack of maturity and relationship experience. I’m sure Steven’s mother also tagging along with them didn’t help things either. There is no better way to look extremely young than to have your Mom escort you to meet your potential online lover. ha.

    I always forget how stupid almost everyone is regarding relationships until they’ve had at least one serious relationship in real life. Ideally I think all teens need to have at least one serious relationship in real life before they are allowed to leave home for college or whatever. There were some girls in my high school graduating class that did some legitimately dangerous things to potentially be with someone (like driving cross country to meet up with someone they didn’t really know).

    I also had a very close guy friend that put up with literal abuse (both verbal and physical) from his first girlfriend and that went on for almost 2 years. Nothing that I or his family members said could convince him that what his girlfriend was doing to him was wrong. It took her cheating on him for the fifth time and disappearing for almost a month (and during that month he met another girl that wasn’t a psycho) before he finally dumped her. When his first girlfriend got back she faked two separate suicide attempts trying to get him back. But by that time he finally knew what a healthy and loving relationship felt like and wanted nothing to do with the psycho anymore. The moment I was able to explain that to her was one of the best moments of my life. I hated her so much and I loved how much it infuriated her. lol. Some people are just really stupid when it comes to relationships and others can be really evil and manipulative with their relationships.

    • Hans Gruber

      I think they simply ran out of time. Damn, that Samm is fine. If I was Steven’s age I would go ga-ga over her too.

      I know it isn’t Max or Nev’s job to educate, but I would have taken Steven aside and told him not to give up so easily. The best relationships start out with friendship. I’d take “warm and comfortable” over “nervous and butterflies” any day.

      • Pride

        That’s bullshit, she just wanted to string him along that was it. She was so nonchalant about it, and then lied about dating other people while being sweet. She couldn’t even skype with him? Yet she posts all these videos and pics? Come on now, she was just running a game.

        • ellie

          good point, she never even sort of attempted to explain not wanting to skype.

    • Pride

      I think she was a coward about everything, from pretending to be into this guy saying all these sweet things. Lying, and pretending that he was the only one she was looking at, on top of that she then was like oh i’m not wanting a relationship but i’m going out with other men obvious for the intent of liking them.

      Then with him, he was into her and she wasn’t. But at the same time, she wanted to string him along i been there when i was younger i liked a girl and she like i don’t know what can happen but i still want you as a friend. So basically to put him in the friend zone which he was smart to say fuck it which i was surprised and i really admired him for it. The whole, oh well meeting you in person to see if its real is a bunch of shit as well, i’ve meet and dateed a few people from online and nothing changed cause you talk so much you tell them everything, more so then if you would from someone locally cause you go on dates this and that but a lot of times the conversation doesn’t get as in depth. I really believe she wanted to keep him around for support, and to string him along to make her feel better. It was funny how she teared up at the end, when she’s the one that pretended and lied to begin with.

      • Mike Holden

        She really did give off the impression of not really being into him anymore. Or at least not as into him as this other guy or guys she’s been dating. The entire time, like Nev and Max said, she had a poker face. She didn’t even seem that incredibly happy to see him. It was just like, “Oh, hey. Cool. I’m nervous. Meh.”

        I think you hit it right on the dot when you said she was a coward. I think she enjoyed the ride, but didn’t want what was at the end, which was him.

      • ellie

        agreed…the only time i changed my mind after meeting someone was when their pics were just REALLY good…they were shorter and unattractive in real life. i think that’s what happened here. he’s pretty small but was a wrestler. i think she imagined something different.