Bones S6E14

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 18, 2015



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  • Clockwork Rex

    This show is awesome,my #2 after GoT.

  • Lawrence Mackinnon

    new guy is suppose to be a scientist, but says he could almost run the speed of light. reaally, light must be slower in their world.

    • Meta Human Wannabe

      I get what you’re trying to say, but we are talking about a television show where humans have super powers. ;)

  • Hans Gruber

    Nice disguise… a hat. Almost as good as Clark Kent’s glasses.

    • Oracle

      In one version of Jack Garrick/Flash, he had no secret identity. In another version, he vibrated his face so it was blurry and could not be identified much like Barry did in season one when talking to Iris.

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Bet you that when the time is at it’s absolute worst, Jay gets his power back. I know that is an obvious thing to call, but I’m calling it. lol

    • Fanboy

      Of course he’ll get his powers back. It’s a comic books trope and this series doesn’t shy away from them. It’s one of the reasons I love the show. :P

  • From Earth 53

    The actor playing Jay Garrick is also on Masters of Sex and plays a rather promiscuous man. The slash fiction writes itself. ;)

    I’m pretty sure Patty, the new officer, was one of the actors on the ill fated Messengers. Totally different character, which tells me she is a much better actor than she appeared to be on Messengers. That series was very poorly written and goes to show that even decent actors can’t make bad scripts look good.

    One complaint. Barry just killed someone and showed absolutely no remorse. That’s not the Barry Allen I remember from the comics and I don’t like that direction. Oh, and Sand Demon was a cheesy name. Cisco could have done better. ;)

    Otherwise, this continues to be the funnest show on television. Bring on Vibe and more shirtless Jay Garrick!

  • i love hacks

    get hacked nubs

  • i love hacks

    ur so bad

  • kiichan

    OMG they are finally explaining/discovering multi-vereses!!!!! XD XD so excited!! and they’ve introduced Jay Garrick!!

  • kiichan

    Joe’s “no code” lol