Bones S4E23

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 18, 2015



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  • Nutmeg Buchanan

    gd episode of gothem, not a happy penguin and bruce is gona get played man

  • Hans Gruber

    Penguin should kidnap Galavan’s sister and use her for trade, but instead he just does his bidding. Not the penguin I know.

    • Blue

      Absolutely right Hans but consider this, but first this next line is a bit of a ***SPOILER*** warning for those who like to read comments before watching the video, its a nasty habit though you really should try to break yourself of it that way you won’t wind up ruining the show for yourself, the Penguins mother is the one thing he truly loves in this world. seeing her imprisoned and threatened has probably left him distraught and not thinking clearly. Now even in this state he might be young and foolish enough to try such a thing but I believe that deep deep down inside he knows it won’t work. why? because he’s seen what Galavan is capable of, broke out the maniax just to kill them, Penguin knows he has no qualms about killing pawns and he’s not sure just how much Galavan really cares about his sister, it could just be a quick way of getting his mother killed and as we’ve seen, the way Galavan is beginning to ignore his sister favoring Barbara instead I’m fairly confident Galavan would let his sister die if not stick the knife in her back himself.

    • TMM

      You are right on about the sister’s kidnapping. Good point! Gotham is dying in the ratings. More $ should be spent on PR, but also, the setups of the killings by Villains are so simplistic that it comes off as stupid. The audience loses interest when either side gets away with stuff that could easily be stopped -ie: Mayoral Candidate Hobbs, who has FOUR! armed bodyguards, but allows a man with 2 holstered handguns to talk threateningly, but does not order him shot. Laughable.

  • Cassie Veve

    So the new guy looks a bit like JJ LaRoche (and is as badass, at first sight), and one of the cops he fired was named Hightower :)) Anyone else had a Mentalist flashback? xD

  • Tweedle Dee

    Not that it was perfect, but this was the first episode I’ve liked this season.

  • blink -.-

    “Just think of blue skies and cornfields”