Bones S3E11

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 18, 2015



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  • me

    Yeah! ♥

  • Limper

    Eugene – “I fully respect the hair game.” Lol.

  • Shane

    The bandages on Rick’s face are a bit of overkill.

  • Want a Cookie?

    Carol is still playing the innocent housewife.

    • Azaylyx

      yeah I know what’s up with that?

      • IamSharmaineR .

        its in case of emergency. even though rick is running the show, there is till chances of backstabbing. the enemy can lower their guard, if they dont know she can kick ass

  • ayami

    so happy this is back yay. but wtf why is half ep in black and white. driving me nuts

    • Film School Reject

      B&w are flashbacks. I suppose it’s an easy visual queue for the viewers to determine between past and present.

    • Rosario


  • Neil Shoemaker

    Another Alexandrian bites the dust

  • idgaf

    That guy that tried to start a little haggard ass rebellion couldn’t even kill a zombie by himself, and he really thought he was gonna take over Rick and his people??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Hoid

    I knew that guy who tried to start a rebellion was going to die.Thought it would be rick though,nope he dies in a out of place looking zombie and it just seemed to not fit for some reason.

  • Salman

    Something different about these walkers.. They turn me on.

  • sassan

    so……. i knew it… it is, once again…
    all about the mullet…
    … the invincible and respectable mullet.

  • Hans Gruber

    And the moral of this story, my honorable children friends, is “Rick is always right.”

  • nix

    never stopped buffering even though i have excellent connection

    • Azaylyx

      you may need to upload a video player or a support program that helps your player flashplayer, VLC media player

  • Governor

    How can I friggin play the video?

    • Tsunami

      Visit the real couchtuner[.]la site.

    • blink -.-

      click the buttons that say AllMyV, Vidto, Vidbull, etc

  • orsonhinds

    You know, the only thing that’s slightly off with these apocalypse survival things – and I mean the only thing because it is absolutely fantastic entertainment – is the gasoline. You know your gas only has a shelf life of up to three years in perfect conditions (totally air tight containers). After that, it’s useless. In imperfect conditions, which is the way most gas is stored, it can go off in less than 100 days. Air kills gasoline. And no, diesel is not the answer. It goes through the same oxidation process in about the same time.

    You’d have to make more, somehow. With 300 millions zombies around, that could be a challenge :)

    Anyway, on with the show…

    • Hans Gruber

      According to the producers of the show on the last Talking Dead, it’s only been two years.

      • orsonhinds

        I see. That makes sense. Besides, I think quite a few of those studies about gasoline storage are a little exaggerated anyway. I was just going on the latest industry information which probably errs on the side of caution. One guy I know bought a boat that had been in dry dock for three years and its motor started first time without its fuel system being drained so who knows? I guess it’s really just luck how many contaminants, including fungus, bacteria and others, get into stored gas and diesel to make it useless. I’m no survivalist but I’m sure there are also ways to keep fuel that prolongs shelf life for a very long time.

        I think my main point is that people in general think that gas stays good indefinitely. I was hoping the writers were not among them because nothing could be further from the truth. Down the road it could be quite a good plot theme too!