Black Sails S2 E10

Posted By CouchTuner On March 29, 2015





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  • Billionaire

    Great finally, I am most satisfied with it. I am thoroughly excited for the action I for-see in the season to come!

  • Julie T

    I love this show, and wish it were much more than ten episodes per season.

    • orsonhinds

      If they made more than 10 episodes a season I think it would probably bankrupt television production in the entire Western World for a decade.

      • Julie T


        • orsonhinds

          er….but I wish they would too…!

        • Techutante

          He’s saying they have a large prop and special effects budget. I agree though, I’m sad with 10 episode seasons. 20 or at least 16 would be better.

      • Julie T

        They use a lot of cgi, so I am sure it isn’t as bad as you think.

        • orsonhinds

          Indeed :)

          (I was joking a little bit there)

  • Caledonii

    ooooh…ouch !. and that`s how he became Long john silver :)