Black-ish Season 1 Episode 2 The Talk

Posted By CouchTuner On October 2, 2014



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  • Ronaldo De Lima

    I’ve never laughed so much as I did watching this episode! Gosh literally tears are running down on my face!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    Awww the little ones are waiting for the “talk” was so funny! Hahahahahaha

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    Dammit! I want to know what Zoey’s problem actually was!

  • FitForLaw

    The first episode was funny and cute in a “The Fosters” way — addressing the similarities and difficulties of raising children within a “diverse family” life. But the second episode, which focused mainly on having the sex talk with the son, had no less than 4 gay slurs sprinkled throughout the episode and almost all the characters!

    Ex: “You pulled something playing catch didn’t you? Stretching does not make you gay, Dre!” (4 minutes later, different character speaking) “You gotta stretch, I know it looks a little gay but it works.” (later, different character) “Which is why they call it a ‘Devil’s threesome,’ unless you’re in Prague then it’s just called ‘sex.’” (same scene) “Two shirtless dudes standing around talking about sex starts to look weird after a while.”

    What the heck?? I had hoped it would end with the boy saying he might be gay or had a gay friend, causing the whole family to look back on the hurtful things they had said so casually throughout the episode, but no dice. It was never addressed as homophobic or problematic.

    Once again, I am deeply concerned by the way our society separates out diversity as a “black issue” or a “gay issue” or “women’s issues.” We need to work TOGETHER to build an overall dialogue of acceptance and equality which will (hopefully) culminate in true societal change.