Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 9

Posted By CouchTuner On March 31, 2015





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  • 3minspastnever

    The feels.

  • just saying

    thats messed up

    • Tre_Ghost

      You made this account just to comment that? Respect. XD

  • Joshua Dakota

    finally, ….hopefully no more chuck episodes, jesus…

  • Jesus Mancilla

    So Trever and Lester were in this episode? lol

    • Bill Nye

      Trever Philipes Prequel. am I right? He deserves one tbh

  • gta5

    that guys reminds me of lester.

  • ChunkeeMonkey4209

    Steven Ogg :D I hate when people say that voice actors for video games/animations can’t really act, when voice acting IS real acting.

  • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Oh come on… I really can’t stand Mike as a character. No way that mountain of a man is running away over something like that. The writers try too hard to make Mike seems like a badass. It needs to be more natural and less in your face.

    • Rod

      To be fair, Mikes character is steeped in violence to the point that he is not intimidated by it and keeps his cool and does what he needs to. The most bad-ass people I know don’t feel the need to walk around in an aggressive and intimidating way because they are confident in their abilities. They just take action when it is needed and don’t waste a lot of time posturing. Also, many big guys are use to people being intimidated by their size and it becomes a crutch. When things go sideways, you sometimes get the situation that you saw there where they just cut and run because they relies they are in over their heads.

      • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        What I’m saying is that if he was going to run, it would have been when the other guy was getting his ass kicked. He wouldn’t have run just because Mike offered him a gun. The writers clearly just wanted it for comedic relief at that point.
        And the whole gun snatching and disarming it is a pretty cliche move. For once I’d like to see a movie when someone tries that and the realistic thing happens: the man holding the gun flinches backwards out of reach (the natural reaction to sudden movement), or just shoots the guy for trying.
        There are so many badass cliches out there that piss me off. To me, a true badass would be someone like Captain Jack Sparrow, or hell, even Saul Goodman. Not because they have any skill combat-wise, but they can handle ANYTHING that comes their way in a unique and unexpected fashion. Don’t tell me you didn’t see Mike’s gun grab coming a mile away, it’s been done a million times and we’ve all seen it by now.

        • JenkPac Shakur

          I was kinda hoping they’d of settled that scene in a different but also cliche’d comedy relief way ie when Mike offers the bigger dude one of the guns he took from the other guy the big guy would just look at Mike kinda funny and in awe and say “Nah I’m good” and they’d both get in the car and help the pill guy sell his goods without incident. We’d get a laugh out of the scene just the same without the as you said “over the top nature” of having the big dude run away and Mike would get a momentary semi interesting partner at least for one episode.

  • IDoNoKno

    Freaking CHUCK!
    I had a feeling H wasn’t holding back cuz of his dislike but Chuck… chuck u son of a gun!

  • Jim Ray

    When Jimmy needed research assistance, Chuck had him contact Kim and gave his access code to use the copy machine. That act set the ground work to argue that the case originated with HHM. The only problem is if Jimmy doesnt take the deal, they will not have a record of paying him a “Counsel Fee”.

    Its a slippery slope and Im not an attorney but I think Jimmy has an opportunity to take this case back over. Him being the good guy that he is though, he’ll probably give all the clients the money he wins. Jimmy is the consummate looser.

    • Rod

      I think Saul should take the deal and cut his losses. His clients will be better served just because he doesn’t have the support staff he needs. He can then use the money to bankroll his own business. I’m very disappointed in his brother. Holy crap, Chuck turned out to be a dickhead. Saul may not have gotten the quality education that his brother did but his skill is all the more impressive because of that fact. Chuck says the law is sacred. What a joke. Saul actually cares about his clients. I’m not sure Chuck does. Saul needs to distance himself and make his own way.

  • Daniel Harris

    wow chuck is an assh*le

    • Tribal Outcast

      He is not an asshole..if you have a sibling you should know who he/she really is..and capable of as a family. He said his proud when his in the mail room. I don’t care if one of my siblings didn’t achieve big..that’s good enough for me.

      • Sunny Earthlover

        I guess Chuck knew that Saul was not right for the ‘firm’.. but pretty underhand.. given how Saul has looked after him. And why didn’t he ever offer him a place to stay and an office in his HUGE house.. way to big for one person.. Could have segregated a room or two for electric use!

      • Daniel Harris

        you’re a special kind of stupid ,aren’t you?

      • JenkPac Shakur

        Yes he is an asshole. People can change when they want to and Jimmy really wanted to but neither Chuck or his supposed “friend” Kim really believe in him. This is likely what caused him to go ahead and become Saul Goodman because he likely figured why bother trying to be good if no one is going to believe you, support you or help you?

        • ZahD

          Nah, Kim definitely believes in him. She’s an amazing friend.

          Chuck is terrible, though.

  • Sunny Earthlover

    Slippin Jimmie… perfect for his future as lawyer to Walt and co. Sometimes ‘bad’ things happen to us, only to turn out to be the route to something much better and more suitable. And Saul was not cut out to be a corporate lawyer. If I were a lawyer, I’d be a Saul lawyer not a corporate suit.

    • JenkPac Shakur

      Actually what makes this whole thing tragic is that Jimmy was cut out to be a good guy and regular non sleazebag lawyer but since no one really believed in him to be so neither his supposed “friend” Kim or his treacherous brother Chuck he probably figured why bother and simply became Saul Goodman.

  • Shady Caucasian

    Chuck is a prick kinda reminds me of my relationship with my older brother. He’s a tradesman and a good one at that, but I’m more academically directed in my career path and after years of being skint I’ve recently got a job that’s really good salary wise. Since then he’s started subtly putting me down on occasion by bringing up the fact I can’t put up a shelf or build a wall. It all came to a head not long after in a heated argument where he said that because his job is more physically demanding than mine, I don’t deserve to get paid more than him. To which I replied my job is mentally demanding, and just so happens to be higher paid. You should be proud of me like I’m proud of your skills. He went on for a while, eventually I told him I want nothing more to do with him. We haven’t spoke in over a month. But please any siblings out there do your best to praise eachother and keep the bond united.

  • Andrew

    Trevor Phillips got bested by Mike. That’s gotta hurt his pride.

  • yungplayer

    lol this is so cool trevor and lester from gta 5