Beowulf Return To The Shieldlands S1E1 Pilot

Posted By CouchTuner On December 24, 2015





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  • MaybeGiveitAnotherChance

    great music kinda rip off to thrones a bit …show itself well not as convincing….kinda cheesy weapons and gear ..specially the axes look like a cosplay plastic turd…acting borderlining between cheese and endurable…the main gripe i have is the main character …hes not in shape, he looks spent and his beowulf interpretation is that of a bum with a ridicilous sword.
    For now its good enough to give it another go…but i fear it will be a turd if it continues on this level.

  • jack_LD

    good animation/special effect, but plot hole everywhere, i already bored by this episode, not really looking for more

  • The Mynxie One

    I don’t know about these so-so reviews. I thought it was really good. Great CGI. The actors are good. The story is good. I look forward to seeing more of this show.

  • Wendi Sonnescheint

    music and style of the intro don´t remind of GoT…not at all… no, shut up, they don´t!

  • Darren

    a female indian smith in the Viking age …..right

    • arska

      makes more sense than huge horned trolls used as a slave labor and giant werewolves

      • Darren

        well yes you are right there :o)

  • Hans Gruber

    At the beginning I thought this was just something some rich kids put together in order to seduce hot would-be actresses.

    But on completion I see I was wrong. No hot actresses here!

  • Runako

    this is terrible lol on a Avatar and Dragon Ball level lol

  • Lee Walton

    that axe looks SO made of rubber. That’s it, I’m out