Becoming Us S1E5 #RulesOfEngagement

Posted By CouchTuner On July 7, 2015




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  • Julie T

    That mom is seriously selfish. Asking her daughter to deal with this when she has a ton more to think about. GET OVER IT. You have had a long time to deal with this. She acted as a dad to your child. Let her honor this person who did that.

    • Britt/Bratt

      Yeah I didn’t like how her mom handled that situation either. She let her sister go on and on about Carly when she should have told her to get over it since this is about a wedding not Carly. Then had the nerve to tell her daughter that people would be focusing on Carly, when it was her and her sister. She didn’t stop the situation, so to me she is just as guilty as her sister for focusing on Carly. She should have nipped that conversation in the bud and she shouldn’t have asked her daughter to not invite Carly. Plus I think she was using it as an excuse because she is still not ok with Charlie becoming Carly.

      • Baphomet

        Agree, the mom is clearly jealous. The dinner scene was ridiculous. For her to be upset about them asking Carly about her situation is stupid. They just met her, what else were they supposed to talk about? Isn’t that what you do when you first meet a person? You ask them questions about their life and person to get to know them? The mother is just upset that they spent the majority of the time talking to Carly and not her, but for good reason! Carly of course is more interesting, she has more going on in her life, I mean the damn show is built around Carly! If the mom is upset that they were more interested in talking to Carly than her, well then become more interesting! Not to mention who would want to converse with someone sitting there with a scowl on their face because they aren’t the center of the conversation? And then to say well i don’t want your wedding to be about Carly, people shouldn’t be focusing on her. Well so far the mother is the only one focusing on her… The wedding hasn’t happened yet so how does the mother know exactly what will be talked about, and before the wedding has even started the MOTHER her SELF is already focusing the wedding onto Carly…. The hypocrisy of this women is nauseating… Get a clue lady, get over it, get some self esteem…. I mean if you don’t like the focus being on Carly, then why the fuck agree to do a show with the focus on Carly?