Ascension Season 1 Episode 2 Night 2

Posted By CouchTuner On December 17, 2014





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  • Hans Gruber

    So Harris models his wife after the doctor in the experiment whom he had fallen for growing up?

    • notto

      hence the fiction part of the genre

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    sound does not travel thru a vacuum. this is basic science and WAY to important a plot point for their research to miss.

    • IDoNoKno

      Lies, once I vacuumed my cat by mistake and believe me when I say the sound traveled all the way to the police station…

  • notto

    These people are still using reel to reel magnetic tape for video and watching John Wayne movies. Why do commenters suppose these characters to know things that wasnt common knowledge until after the internet was born? If you asked my mother in the 70s or 80s if sound could travel through a vacuum or how to create gravity in space she would have had no clue. And she is collage educated. But it was a 60s collage. Also, Star trek ships didnt spin.

    • Hans Gruber

      Math existed in he 60′s. Newton’s laws of gravity existed in the 60′s. Astronauts need to know math and they need to know the laws of gravity. They can’t navigate in space without that knowledge.

      Star Trek used artificial gravity generators that have yet to be invented to explain why their ships didn’t have to spin. And when those gravity generators failed, they floated – like in Star Trek VI.

      • Kyle

        I have only seen the first episode so far but I’m baffled that you guys think gravity is a problem. That ship is not in orbit.

        You fail to consider the acceleration from the engines.

        Most interstellar ship proposals accelerate at a constant acceleration till halfway there then turn 180° and decelerate at a constant g till they get there. If that acceleration is equal to g then being on a spaceship or on earth would make no difference.