Ascension Season 1 Episode 1 Night One

Posted By CouchTuner On December 16, 2014





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  • Tess

    Really good movie! Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks CT

  • Mr.Ryanthusar

    i wasn´t impressed during the first first ten minutes or so but it really gets better. will keep watching.

  • Hans Gruber

    Upstairs Downstairs…….. In space!

    • orsonhinds

      You get my upvote, Herr Gruber. The physics of this is so all over the place it’s beyond laughable. But I would humbly suggest that the cartoon science is the least of this lunatic show’s problems!

      • Kyle

        Most interstellar ships accelerate till halfway there and then turn 180° and decelerate till they get there. If the acceleration is constant and equal to g they will never experience zero gravity except for the moment when they turn around.

    • Kyle Joultz

      The tech could have been leaked or could have had blueprints themselves and made them. Also who said they were actually in space. You missed something very crucial

  • IamhotUArnot

    Good the theory about them being in a giant test is true.

  • SillySamSmith

    Gosh you sad american public. you are so sad when you start bickering about reality of space. This is about an experiment on earth NOT in out of space. Ascension never left earth It is based on an idea which was done in the UK 5 years ago, where a group of people who had no idea of space travel or the effects of it where put into a closed environment and told they where orbiting the earth.

    • Mike Nunyabizness

      If that is true that makes you a complete asshole for ruining it for other people. And makes you the far more sad person that you are such a tool you don’t get the irony of the post you made.

      • SillySamSmith

        Spoken like a true yankiedoodledooer. Spoil it for the rest of you ok here il start. Ascension is a man made project detailing the work carried about by the secret military during the 1930s to the 1980s testing human genetics to attempt to create weaponized humans capable of following orders and being super soliders for USA. This included Testing for ESP, Closed environment living, Bone manipulation of early age subjects for uses within, Test plane projects, Underwater Projects, Space Long term survival projects, Mass Reproduction and Breeding projects, Cloning technology. All the stuff you see in SCI FI these days was invented back then, and when one escaped a big coverup was done to hide the truth. Why do you think US military doesnt enforce UFO stories and the associated media to do with it? simple they carried out genetic tests on children, Surgically transformed babies into what you Call “Greys” For the purpose of being able to fly at high G in a plane unable to normally occupy a normal human. These Greys where taught only to fly planes, Not to socialise, not to communicate, not to imagine. Hence when one escaped or was lost the whole coverup story of crashed alien ship was invented to get back the lost “alien” plus destroying them didnt leave any strings attached. Many human rights and policies which the rest of the world must adhere to USA flaunt at will. And when they get caught they blame it on some long dead president, or some General who is retired. Ergo latest torture coverup. You poor souls need to open your eyes and see USA is operating well below the human rights tolerance level, they have being doing this for at least 50 years and noone has the courage to speak up about it. Ejoy your SCI FI series. Soon or later the world will know.

        • Sowhat

          You need to chill out..take a pill pal. All that stuff you wrote above..does it actually enhance my view of the show. Are you a paranoid freak with a passion for being a twat..sure are.

          We all know what the US is, like Russia the UK France China etc etc..they all do bad things.

          What we need to accept is, n matter how hard you try to blame and will ot stop by writing about it on a TV site.

          So either stand for election, join a web site where they are chem trailed up the ass as bad as you or STFU.

      • Kyle Joultz

        If you saw the first episode it was not hard to figure out.

  • Jake

    2 episodes aired on the 16th, and three days, where are the next 3?

    • streamonline

      well night one combines 2 episodes, so this episode 1 night one is – 2 episodes, another set of 2 episodes night 2 has been added as well, night 3 will be added tomorrow..enjoy!

      • Jake

        This episode is only 1h and 5 minutes and night 2 i cant seem to find either

  • orsonhinds

    How the hell did this pitch turn into a real show?? Sort of Apollo 13 meets Dynasty meets Blast From the Past (a great movie) meets JFK (sort of). All on the space equivalent of the Love Boat.

    Whatever. Truly weird shit! There should be a warning at the start of every episode: “Drugs were involved in the creation of this series”.

  • orsonhinds

    One more thing, the creators clearly didn’t realize that ‘Rocket Man’ by Elton John was metaphorically about heroin abuse, not space travel per se. Ironic.