Arrow Season 3 Episode 9 The Climb

Posted By CouchTuner On December 11, 2014





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  • Katelyn Monroe


    • Pride

      You’re a fucking dumbass for writing first especially when you weren’t even first

  • Pride

    Man do i love this show, funny i wasn’t into the flash until i watched this and kind of forced me to watch the other one…and don’t say first people it’s dumb as fuck.

  • KHADARoo

    This show and the flash are great

  • QueenV

    Man… getting sick of these flashbacks

  • #1

    They killed OLIVER!
    I even Cried…!

    • Hans Gruber

      There’s this little known herb that grows only in South America that lets you fake your own death even after being stabbed and thrown off a cliff.

      • #1

        Stabbed, he was impaled trough the chest with a sword, hes lungs should be damaged behond repair and who knows what other organs and if the assassin the demon has killed thousands he should know how to kill so they are dead for sure…

        • Hans Gruber

          I just don’t get people who don’t get sarcasm.

          • lmao

            roll your ass off that cliff anytime now hans queer

          • daaaw

            or its a t.v show and its the middle of this season like really??? hes obviously coming back but in real life yea he’d be dead no doubt

          • Santa

            You are such a DICK.

          • Hans Gruber

            I don’t get people who go through the trouble of making a profile just for a sophomoric, petty insult either… grow up.

      • Chaava

        Lol well said. More like – once upon a “herb” a death was faked.

      • Ayana

        It would be sooo awesome if they had a contingency plan and the flash was waiting at the bottom of the moutain, catched Olly when he fell and zoomed him somewhere, maybe Starlabs where he could be saved by amazing Kaitlyn and her skills and Sisco who can invent anything!! A miracle drug would be awesome.. lol, too much? :D

  • Katelyn Monroe

    That ending is going to haunt me in my dreams.

    • fluffycheesecake


    • its_me

      i felt the same the first time i watched it
      i actually rewatched it like 3 times to make sure i understood how ollie died.

  • Yes

    Is he actually dead?

    • QueenV

      Your username answered it

      • Yes

        Theres no way the show can go on

        • QueenV

          lol yeah he’s prob not dead

    • Katelyn Monroe

      Probably not saying as the series is called Arrow but if he is I think Malcolm will do whatever he did to himself and bring Oliver back.

      • Gabriel Karour

        Its called lazarus pit

  • Neno Zuvela

    Is Oliver dead because this is only mid season finale is he dead?

  • lmao


  • guest

    Chill….he’ll be back. Lazarus Pit.

    • Ayana

      They have to bring him back.. The show is called “Arrow” and who would be better to play that part than Olly?? :’(

    • Hans Gruber

      Lazarus pit is too much the obvious answer. When Felicity’s boss Ray Palmer was talking about his new breakthrough it sounded like he perfected nano-technology. Nanites could repair a wound as severe as the one Ollie got if administered in time.

      • #1

        Nanites sound reasonable tho, that would be actually cool!

      • Di

        A welcomed voice of reason, Thank You!!

    • fluffycheesecake

      yeah, he has to be back. hopefully

  • DtownDavid

    Oliver is not dead, check and look at the future episodes cast, oliver is in all of them =)

    • laze435

      Yea, but maybe the rest of the episodes is flashbacks, for what happend before it all, and this really was the end of the future in the series

      • DtownDavid

        ha that actor is basically the entire networks bread and butter….he isn’t dead. Also they aren’t going to show a flashback of him EVERY episode.

  • 12stepCornelius

    So now that this episode is over, I’m sitting here like…Fuck…8I

  • Ryan

    How can they kill him…. how is it possible he will survive that stab..and the fall….. is he gonna pull one of those director fury stunts

    • Gabriel Karour

      Lazarus pit

  • Steven Thurman

    I doubt Malcolm will bring him back to life. Probably the asian dude

  • serioussam

    More american garbage out the way. superheros dont do real world shit they fight aliens fight undead fight monsters but not real people. here is a lesson usa.

  • Lez Du

    What the!!!!!!!!!!!!! that can’t be!

  • iComment

    This show should get an award for killing people and then bringing them back to life. Oliver shall return (after 5 more years) as a Yeti..

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      sorry to necro your post:
      no one is ever dead forever in the dc or marvel universes. even Peter Parker’s aunt May came back.

  • Guest

    I think maybe he got the miracle drug on him or something, that make him survive.

  • Yolo

    Spoiler alert

    Speedy kill Oliver younger sister kild Sarah

    • Rektus

      Spoiler Oliver gets killed.

  • Let’sPanic!AtTheDisco

    This flashbacks are so annoying most of the times (if not all the times).

  • Rkayani

    WHAT THE ??????

  • Ahel2

    Woooooooooaaaaaahhhhhh. Dude.

  • jmj

    endings like this piss me off am I supposed to believe green arrow to be dead??!! fuck that shit its called ARROW. give me a better ending than that

    • Ayana

      It’s just for the thrill ;)

  • Mari Mari

    Hi. When is next season comes???? Please someone tell me

  • Rektus

    When Oliver challenged Ra’s al Ghul to trial by combat, Ra’s remarked that it had been 67 years since anyone had done that. Given the fact that Matt Nable doesn’t look a day over 66, and he said that he killed his first person just before becoming a teenager, it isn’t unreasonable to wonder how that makes sense.

    That is where the Lazarus Pit comes in, which has the ability to stop aging and saving people from death even when they are just about to sleep in. Arrow is nothing without Oliver, so obviously he will not die.

  • Jessica Thomas

    He surely, can’t possible be dead, right?

  • fluffycheesecake

    hate cliffhanger endings. Pure torture..

  • Mike Hammer

    What’s this “Happy Holidays” fucking shit? It is MERRY CHRISTMAS. This political and cultural sensitivity is a crock of fucking shit.

    • SAQ Rabbit

      There are American Jews too you uncultured moron.

      • Mike Hammer

        I have as much right to say Merry Christmas as other have to say whatever the fuck they want. Culture has nothing to do with it and the time to bow down to political sensitivity is over. If you don’t celebrate Christmas good for you but I do and it is Christmas, I’m sure all you other people take the day off thats given for it, fucking hypocrites

  • xoxofrets

    fuck thea!

  • its_me

    what’s this lazarus pit everyone’s talking about?

  • Sarah Dib

    While everyone is talking about Oliver dying (which he will so comeback alive come on its about him lol) but that “I love you” my heart broke into piece, he should have walked back to her and kissed her