Arrow Season 3 Episode 8 The Brave and the Bold

Posted By CouchTuner On December 4, 2014





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  • Callahan

    #Flarrow !

    • SAQ Rabbit

      Hero!! YA TAAAA!!!

  • Ayrton Canahualpa Tiger

    that was a gay ending

  • Kal-El

    The scene where Barry runs in and catches the two boomerangs from hitting Oliver was probably the coolest thing Iv’e seen in awhile.

    • Hans Gruber

      Unnecessary though. I think Ollie would’ve been able to deflect them.

      • Crazy Wooo


      • 12stepCornelius

        Well, you know, $200,000,000 and Marvel Entertainment Studios will do that. While yes, that is indeed a very cool scene, I’m ok with what the TV network, CW, is doing for Flash FX-wise.

  • Crazy Wooo

    amazing episode ………………..
    the bad guy was cool

  • Jessica Thomas

    Love The whole Flash and Arrow intertwining thing!

  • Ahel2

    Coolest episode yet! Love how Barry really gets Oliver. Was hoping for an Olicity moment but oh well! *le sigh*

  • 12stepCornelius

    Amazing cross-over event. Just seeing the two together rings Justice League Embryonic. This will hold me just fine until the silver screen League eventually arrives.

  • Let’sPanic!AtTheDisco

    I’m hoping for more Arrow & Flash crossover.

  • LoverOfThisShow

    I am highly anticipating another crossover…. You cant have Oliver’s baby mama make her cameo appearance in Flash, and NOT expect something to go down… plus, we still haven’t addressed Sarah’s death…. cant wait!

  • noobs

    who won

  • chared99

    The Flash is so f…..n cool! Kal-El is spot on!

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Arrow in a Flash episode, worked out great, but Flash in an Arrow episode was waay to crowded. Current story + past story AND all the Arrow characters made this a crowded mess.

    And more Arsenal please! When he pulled out his batons I lost my shit. I really hope they flesh him out to his characters full potential because Comic Red Hood was the shit.