Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Guilty

Posted By CouchTuner On November 13, 2014





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  • Rod

    Arrow needs to start killing again.

  • QueenV

    Roy and Felicity are together in real life lol

    • Pride

      why is that funny? no one cares

      • QueenV

        Don’t be rude

        • Pride

          Not being the post was pointless…

    • Ahel2

      Oh really? That’s so cute :)

    • Guest

      no there not . roy is gay in real life.

  • IamhotUArnot

    Uh…….did the writers completely forget that Arrow was killing people left and right for the first season and during the flashbacks he was an assassin and he is acting all outraged that a boxer vigilante kills ONE guy.

    • Zac Nicole Cheetham

      you spelt (are) wrong

      • IamhotUArnot

        That is the Canadian spelling.

  • Kraany


  • Kal-El

    Arsenal is born!

  • Crazy Wooo

    who is that woman in the end ?!…

    • noobs

      hacker noobs

  • Oatmeal_

    Wow. Cupid is here. Another archer. Much wow.

  • SamuraiJack

    I thought “Cupid” was going to be the original killer and was just going to screw with Oliver this episode, since she was was seen earlier in the episode (10:58)

    • Rix69

      good spot

    • gyrofunk

      i see her twice once out side the gym and the second time walking away from a building before arrow and wildcat get shot at

  • Moeslim

    Everything has been going to hell ever since Slade & Sarah
    arrived with their cheap plastic costumes. Now the whole show is one big
    Halloween party. Remember the very first episode where Oliver Queen was
    chasing a guy while doing parkour and dodging bullets and then broke his neck saying “Nobody can know my secret”? That was epic.
    Now Sarah is finally dead and Roy replaced her
    in terms of shitty costume design. Whenever he gets into a fight scene it feels
    like I’m watching a Village People music video.

    • Junior

      Hahaha omfg dude so true… but I deal with it because I love the show

      Village People.. I’m dying right now

  • Caz

    feel like i need to catch up on my comic lore cuz heres me scratching my head “whose this cupid?”