Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Sara

Posted By CouchTuner On October 16, 2014



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  • N4m

    First like a boss

    • Julie T

      A boss with zero content.

  • beats

    2nd like a beast

  • deus

    3rd gets to be the hyena,eats whatever is left.

  • Amadeo BGrosman

    wrong ip?

  • Charltina

    They killed the wrong sister or should have had them both taken out for poor acting abilities. Writers work with me here.

    • MXRK

      Laurel is the real Black Canary, so they’re defining her bravery from this episode. They killed the right sister, every superhero needs pain to start off with right?

      Supermans Earth Father, Arrow’s Asian Island Girlfriend, etc.

  • Charltina

    Ok, and she just stood in the window, looking at the guy that killed her sister. No ducking or calling on her cellphone for help? Really?? I so would have to fire the other sister for poor acting.

    • marko

      What does her acting ability have to do with ducking or calling for help? She does what the director tells her to do.

      • Matthew Litteral

        and what the script says to, Charltina should be mad at the writers.

        • Levon Lewis

          Actually I think it was perfect in every way, my reaction to that was “damn she’s getting cold” she’s becoming fearless, she’s not afraid to die and eventually that’s going to be the fundamentals of her being the black canary.

          I’m honestly really starting to respect her character, especially after this episode.

  • Nathan Starr

    told you guys it was merlin that killed sara and no one believed me

    • Levon Lewis

      I doubt it was Merlin, her reaction would have been completely different and she would have been on her guard if it was Merlin. It was someone she trusted. Or at least knew.

      • Nathan Starr

        sure but who else uses a bow/ arrows like that
        it might have been thea but even still its merlin thats behind it

        • Julie T

          Many in this story. We also haven’t met all possible future characters as she is in a league of assassins and who have we met from them?

    • Megan

      Well we believe it now

    • asdwq

      it s even more likely it was thea after that episode^^

  • Kal-El

    I really wanna like Laurel, but she is just so annoying.

    • rmang


    • Julie T

      It’s the actress. She has this whiney way about her.

  • Valee E. Balderramas

    i love felicity ♥

  • Andrew Blake Jones

    how ironic they were lying about Sara being alive, now theyre lying about her being dead

    • kman600

      You think they are lying about her being dead?

      • Andrew Blake Jones

        i mean keeping it a secret

  • asdwq

    holy at 24.30 the arrow angle of impct and the one the shooter stood is like 45°+ different. Strange even if he would be able to shoot corners why the borther there^^

  • Caz

    Thea you do know that daddy dearest cant be trusted….right?!