Arrow Season 3 Episode 18

Posted By CouchTuner On April 2, 2015





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    LOL really, Shado’s estranged twin sister just happened to be shopping at that market place.

    • ozzie

      And RA is a Snitch

      • Noel

        Ra’s not a snitch. That’s his way to still get what he wants. In this case it worked out for him. lol

    • SAQ Rabbit

      Right, all of what… 2 billion people in china, he bumps into the one person that is plot related and can “learn” something from her.

  • enoughnow

    can black canary just get fucking super powers already? FFS

    • kiichan

      still to early in the game

  • Caz

    What the heck?
    Shado has a twin sister?
    Oliver’s in jail – again -
    Felicity has to choose between Ray and Oliver? …. go with ollie girl!! you know you want to! Glad to see Ray ok.
    hehehe love felicity’s mum, she cracks me up!
    Ra telling Lance who Arrow is … ah man, cmon oliver what did you expect? For Ra to play nice? Lance is just pissing me off for blaming everything on oliver! Not cool! Sara is just to blame as is Oliver! Free will, Lance!
    Saw the ending from a mile away! Hope they can say Roy!!

    • Kris_23

      Shado did mention while she was on the island with Oliver that she had a twin sister. It was just so long ago that everyone forgot about it.

      • Caz

        its been awhile… i guess i just forgot that tiny detail!

  • Rix69

    How are we to believe the whole city is going to unbelieve Oliver being the Arrow..again

  • williepete_

    I used to be an adventurer. Then I took an arrow to the knee

    • Choco

      Skyrim XD

  • Nutmeg Buchanan

    that free falling building scene was so coooll arrow the best

  • Ciaran

    I’m confused. Cpt. Lance knew that Arsenal was Roy! soooo why did A) he look so surprised and B) if he knew who he was just go arest him before Oliver gave himself up.

  • Theorchero

    Lance needs to fuck off.

    • life


  • damn dude

    lance the dumbass

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Shot of Black Canary putting a Baton in her tight leather pants strap
    Shot of Arsenal in full gear grabbing his bow off a rack of super weapons
    Shot of Diggle in normal clothes clicking a bullet into a clip.
    I fucking love Diggle… lol

    • SAQ Rabbit

      Also… I think Felicity’s mom may be my favorite character right now…

      • SAQ Rabbit

        Also also… the whole nanites in Ray’s blood now sets up the “I can shrink” deal I guess… lol

  • Lukenator