Arrow Season 3 Episode 17

Posted By CouchTuner On March 26, 2015





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  • shapattak

    Umm…anyone else realise that he just left roy lying there on the ground after the fight with Ray.

    • MD

      I was thinking the same thing,

      on another note i hope felicity is ok

      • shapattak

        No doubt she is, but we didnt see Roy after he went down, so I think it is safe to say that Arsenal has joined Deadshot(who I bet survived)


    how did Ray not kill Roy with that massive blast……. in the voice of the kid from vine “Jesus Christ” .

  • exoskull

    that was selfish walking off like that and leaving roy on the floor

  • exoskull

    yeah where the hell is roy they forgot about him thats crazy he didnt die from that big ass blast by knock off iron man

    • Pride

      How can you call him a knock off? When Atom was created 2 years before Iron man was

      • Conor Stanley

        But Atom was never in a super suit flying around shooting lasers he could shrink down to a subatomic level.

      • exoskull

        atom is corny i never heard of him, iron man is better

  • Raios

    Did Oliver just leave Roy behind? After his fight with Ray, he walked away with Roy still on the ground.

    • Mohd Saad

      Roy was like, “Wai…wha…Duuuuuuudeee!!! Wtf?!! Bitch!!”

    • Hans Gruber

      Well the show is called “Arrow”, not “Arrow and Arsenal”.

      From my estimation, all Roy ever does is distract the protagonist for a few seconds, getting knocked to the ground in the process, giving someone else a brief moment for an attack.

  • Kal-El

    “If you hurt her, they will never find your body.” lol

  • Rix69

    Maseo pisses me off

  • Bill Nye

    This episode is like a prequel to the Avengers

  • Abraxas

    When the Atom said, “I’m not a cop …”, I thought he’d follow up with, “… I’m RoboCop!”

  • shaqq

    funny thing is Ray barely used that atom suit and its broken already by just one hit of arrow

  • SAQ Rabbit

    This episode was very sloppy. Pushing 3 stories when the show has been having trouble juggling two, the fighting chirography seemed really loose and screamed scripted, Arrow walking away from poor fried Roy, I hope these episodes get their shit together really quick.

    And I !!HATE!! that when this show started Felicity was just a character, a good one, that offered great lines and comic relief, now they troped her into being part of a fucking love triangle. GOD PLEASE STOP WITH THE FUCKING LOVE TRIANGLES!! IN EVERY MOVIE AND EVERY SHOW, LOVE TRIANGLES!

    • Mary Goodson

      Unfortunately, if you want any kind of “romance” at all in a show based on a comic book, it has to stay PG13 rated. The sleeze we’ve all become accustomed to in other dramas can’t exist in a DC comic show. (For which I’m GRATEFUL, in case there’s any confusion on that point.)

      • SAQ Rabbit

        I don’t understand how this is related to what I said…

      • Kris_23

        That has nothing to do with what SAQ said. I believe their point was that you don’t need to have a love triangle in order for there to be romance. And I agree, I liked it much better when Felicity was the genius geek girl who had amazing lines and personality and humor. While I totally understand the need for character development, I really dislike the direction that they have gone with her.
        Point being, what SAQ said had nothing to do with a PG13 rating. You can have a love triangle in a PG13 rating, or an R rating or whatever. The amount of sleeze or lack there of doesn’t make love triangles any more or less obnoxious.

    • Kris_23

      Completely agree with you. Also, LOVE your profile pic!

  • watchtv

    Poor Oliver, watching Felicity with another man…

  • xDannyTWDx

    Is any one else getting this constant video Lag?

  • John Walent

    Coolest episode yet, the Arrow always finds a way!

  • RupesNotSupes

    The x-ray vision gag made me choke. Nice touch.