Arrow Season 3 Episode 16

Posted By CouchTuner On March 19, 2015





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  • BubbaDucky

    Welp… first

  • Blue

    thanks for the upload

  • Ayana

    Wtf Ra’s.. Are u serious?? What u did to Olly was just low. Haven’t you put him through enough? I agree with the decision not to make Nyssa Ra’s heir tho. She wouldnt be a good leader, In my opinion. Her hunger for revenge makes her reckless and impatient. A good leader is always patient. Things get sloppy when they are rushed. She is kinda like the annoying thing at times. A lot like Laurel.

    • Killius

      Sloppy defines this series

    • Hans Gruber

      I think Nyssa just wants to have done both sisters.



  • Sreenivas Kireeti

    Oliver can join League Of Assassins.Why not? Moreover, it could amount to great storyline if he joins instead of being Batman with Arrows.

  • Arrow Fanatic

    Am I the only who’s going to point Shadow is alive… Or was alive… Or something. How do you survive a bullet to the head?! (For those who don’t remember she was the girl on the island the reason Slade is psychotic)

    • Doctor Who????

      I remember exactly who Shado is. She taught Ollie how to fight and how to use a bow and arrow. I never wanted her to die. I always thought Ollie saved the wrong one.

      But now that Sara is gone, I miss her too.

      Maybe he just imagined her again. IDK. This won’t be a loose end.

    • #FuckTheLanceFamily

      Shado > Entire Lance family

    • SAQ Rabbit

      It’s getting to the point where death doesn’t even matter anymore… I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Sarah was still alive… this show is dangerously close to doing the same thing Doctor Who did. Pretty soon it will get to a point where deaths will have shit of an impact. “Oh they died, or did they, who knows… who cares”

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      comic book rules, no character is dead forever.

  • #FuckTheLanceFamily

    I wish they would just kill off the useless Lance family. Fuck the Lance family.

  • watchtv

    Felicity should not be saying sweet things to Oliver, unless she is gonna get with him. I mean seriously, don’t led him on…
    YAY, Roy and Thea together again…hopefully forever this time :)