Arrow Season 3 Episode 13 Canaries

Posted By CouchTuner On February 12, 2015





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  • SAQ Rabbit

    Fuck yea Roy, stick it to Oliver! This show is absolutely amazing I love everyone in it and love where they are going in their characters…

    … Except Laurel, Fuck Laurel. She is a sandbag character that has about as much character development as a street lamp. It took her 3 seasons to learn to think for herself. She is whiny, a plot obstacle, and barely serves as a character of exposition.


    GOSH……..Laurel should’ve taken the arrows to the chess instead of sara.

  • Zaid

    Yes! Oliver’s back in Lian Yu.


    I was happy when Malcolm Merlyn returned. But this is even better. Oliver is back on the island. And that can only mean “You know who” is back in the next episode. Yup you guessed it.. Slade Wilson! He’s on the loose.. Oliver chases him.. Slade captures Oliver.. Thea shows up.. points a gun at Slade. Wants revenge for her mother’s death.. about to kill him.. Oliver intervenes… and so on. Tommy returns too. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Kal-El

    I never get tired of seeing Laurel get beat up.

    • Trudie

      you need a mental institution

      • Tristan Tomashefski

        she has been getting annoying though this whole canarie shit i dont like how she slows down ollie and laurel should get that he already lost one lance two would break him and the shit she is doing wont take her long, but im happy to see malcom and ollie working together

        • Benny

          same, malcolm is badass

    • Benny

      right!?!?! i hate laurel

  • James O’neill

    i think laurel is coming into her own sure she isnt as cool as ollie or arsenal but she is still new to this she is rediscovering herself i think she is pretty selfish and hard headed but black canary will evolve and i cant wait to see it unfold and thea she is gonna be a badass aswell me thinks i have a feeling slade will train ollie again just a thought

  • Trudie

    can everyone stop complaining about laurel? You sound like whiny piss babies. This was always going to happen, laurel is the true canary just like the comics this is her origin. Shes annoying sometimes but she has been through more than most of them. I doubt any of you fuckboys could deal with half of what she does so stfu and deal with the fact a female is now a hero

  • Mohd Saad

    I think its pretty obvious why we guys are whining about Laurel becoming Canary. No, its not that she was whiny or a crybaby or an addict ‘cuz every super hero has kind of a poor character before turning into who they are. The real reason….she doesn’t look as hot as Sarah does in the Canary costume haha. Sometimes I think they should have exchanged the actresses. So that we would have ended up with Caity Lotz as the final canary ;) Don’t you agree?

    But its too late now. Lets move on perverts haha

    • Benny

      coming from a guy, Sara is not hot

  • John Walent

    This episode was the best one yet. I think my favorite part is how Thea accepted Oliver’s secret. BTW even though Laurel might still be my least favorite character I think I’m beginning to be able to actually accept Laurel for who she is and who she’s becoming at least she’s not just a big pushover anymore like Tommy was.

  • MIke

    Ok so maybe its about time they learned that he brought them in, he can replace them and kick them out.Oliver runs the show, his family, his issues, what if he left? again they would be F-U-C-K Fucked, so smarten up you self pretentious pricks and stfu and deal with the LEADERS ORDERS, if this was the military they would be court marshaled.

  • nick barker

    Damn I miss you Caity Lotz! I would love to ask the show’s producer’s why she’s not the permanent black canary. She’s everything in real life that’s needed to play that character. An athletic gymnast with crazy martial arts skills! Check out some of her videos on youtube. The woman can do ANYTHING!

  • Kris_23

    Do any of these tabs besides TheVideo play in HD? I’ve mostly stuck to that one because my experience with some of the other players in the past had really bad quality and it really takes away from an action type of show.