Arrow Season 3 Episode 12 Uprising

Posted By CouchTuner On February 5, 2015





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  • 3minspastnever

    Daaaammmn Felicity why you trippin baby?

  • Di

    Fantastic episode!! Felicity will be ok in time it will work out :-)

  • IamhotUArnot

    Felicity is getting really annoying now. She is overacting way to much at this point.

    • Rachael T.

      I swear I just said the same thing. If she wasn’t so damn thirsty and needy for Oliver she wouldn’t be tripping. She needs to have all the seats and get her life.

  • Jessica Thomas

    I think Felicity is being really overdramatic and has become increasingly annoying. Her love for Olivier is clouding her judgement and quite frankly making it really annoying to watch her.

    • Hans Gruber

      Maybe the Rock can dedicate a “Wake Up Call” episode just for her?

      • Jessica Thomas

        Where are the directors and writers? I we need to talk to them about a special episode starring Felicity and the Rock!

  • Tandy Castello

    Detective Lance is in for a rude awakening!!!!

  • John Walent

    Oliver defeated Malcom Merlin in season 1, what in the world would he be able to teach Oliver that would allow him any better chances against Ras Al Ghul?

    • Molition300

      Sword fighting, just like how he asked that Asian lady (whos name i forgot) I’m guessing Malcom is Ras’s student. Student>Teacher apparently…

      • John Walent

        I guess you might have a point (lol no pun intended), I had assumed that his training with Shadow and Slade would have included sword fighting since you see Slade and Wintergreen using swords so much, but now that you mention it I don’t remember seeing Oliver with a sword prior to his fight with Ras.

  • Romz Roses

    Yeah, I do like Felicity but that annoying side is creeping in but you gotta put yourself in her shoes. On the other hand, THIS EPISODE WAS SICK!

  • kateeey

    why on earth would they put laurel on the front line?? like, yeah she’s getting better but you can’t get good enough in that short of a time to beat people up like that. Wouldn’t it be better for Diggle to get in action?

  • si

    grasping at straws???

  • sivan

    Felicity is sooo annoying. Why cant she act normal and be happy that Oliver is alive?!?!?!

  • Caz

    one of the sets look very familiar where brick is walking down the stairs….doesnt it remind anyone of a set from TV’s Smallville season 8 opening ep? Where Oliver shot Clark on the top of stairwell? Yep think thats the same one!!

    Awesome ep!! Felicity needs to take a chill pill already!! I mean i love her but settle down chicka be glad ollie’s back….man’s allowed to make mistakes no need to beat him down to a crisp he’s already there!!