Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Midnight City

Posted By CouchTuner On January 29, 2015





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  • Kal-El

    Laurel, you have failed this city.

  • Rix69

    well i didnt see that coming

  • Tristan Tomashefski

    im upset two ep and ollie isnt back in sterling yet aghhhh come on

    • The Blue Arrow

      i would not have liked if he returned so fast, cause it shows that even with him gone the others realize the crusade needs to continue, even if it took a little, also i dont see what brick intends to do with the glades cause the people could just leave since their is no police why stay to get mugged, also why does every bad guy on the show hate/love the glades

      • Kris_23

        I agree with him not returning so fast. If not even just because of character progression but it’s far more realistic. You can’t just be brought back to life and then heal in a couple of days from something like that lol.

        “the people could just leave since their is no police why stay to get mugged”

        Don’t you think that if they could afford to be somewhere other than the glades (aka ghetto) they would have done so a long ass time ago? The people in the glades don’t CHOOSE to live there. Who in their right minds would choose to live in a ghetto? They are there because they have nowhere else to go. Though I do also question why the bad guys love the glades so much, it’s a shit hole.

  • TheCableGuy

    Woah!! why are they calling this guy ‘arsenal? ‘speedy’ was a way better sidekick name.

    • Killian Shaughnessy

      Thea Queen is Speedy

    • Herman Chow

      He isn’t speedy quite yet as it originates from Oliver calling thea speedy. It would be way later till he dawns the name speedy and next red arrow

  • The Blue Arrow

    a sweet ending but am i the only one is really hates thea’s habbit of wearing half a shirt

    • Killian Shaughnessy

      Yes you are

      • wesad

        you are not … looks stupid and ugly and thats hard to do on a cutie

        • Kris_23

          Depends. It CAN be done tastefully and it can actually look really hot. But she’s not doing it right so in this instance yeah it looks stupid. Which is a real shame, as you mentioned, she’s a cutie!

  • C J

    That arabic they’re trying to speak is such a fail :D

  • RupesNotSupes

    You can’t handle the truth. I deride your truth handling abilities.

  • Shane Miller

    did anyone else notice how oliver’s wound moved from his lower right chest below his nip “lung” to about 3-4 inches down…you’d think Ras would have better aim

    • Kris_23

      I could totally be wrong, but I thought I remembered him stabbing him in two places. One that was just really painful, and one that was a “killing” blow.

  • Jessica Thomas

    Good episode. So happy that Laurel has come to her sense! Thea annoys me, she’s so naive and does’t really know the danger she is in.

  • Caz

    great ep